Many Uninsured African Americans Will Benefit From Obamacare...but Not in Atlanta

States with highest number of uninsured African Americans include North Carolina and Georgia.

Feds to Investigate Kendrick Johnson's Death

The Georgia teen’s parents believe he was murdered, and that his case was not fully investigated because he was black.

New Details in Georgia Teen's Death Arouse Suspicions

Kendrick Johnson’s parents believe their son was murdered, and have called on Benjamin Crump out of suspicions that police mishandled their case because their son is black.

Charis Books Teams Up with Freedom U to Get Undocumented Students Textbooks

The bookstore is helping Freedom University’s undocumented students get much-needed books this semester.

Meet Antoinette Tuff, Crisis Negotiator

Call it Tuff love.

LGBT Rights and Communities of Color in the South [VIDEO]

Send in your own questions to organizers working at the intersection of racial justice and sexual freedom. Chime in at #CLchat on Twitter.

Georgia High School Students Set to Hold First Integrated Prom

A group of Georgia high school students are making history by challenging the segregation of their high school prom.

Georgia Marks First Conviction for Federal Hate Crime Targeting a Gay Person

Two African-American men from Atlanta plead guilty today to attacking a man outside of a store because he is gay.

Man Who Killed Latino For Pulling in to Wrong Drive Way Out on Bail

Phillip Walker Sailors, the man who shot and killed 22-year-old Rodrigo Diaz for pulling in to his driveway is out on bail.

Georgia Man Kills Latino After GPS Sends Him to Wrong Driveway

Phillip Walker Sailors, 69, has been charged with malice murder in the killing of Rodrigo Abad Diaz, a 22-year-old Cuban immigrant who mistakenly pulled into his driveway due to faulty GPS directions.

Judge Clears Way for Georgia's 'Show Me Your Papers' Provision

A Judge has cleared the way for the show me your papers provision to take effect in Georgia.

Georgia State Supreme Court Grants Stay in Warren Hill Case

The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday stayed the execution of a man with an intellectual disability, but not for the reason his case attracted national attention.

Georgia Set to Execute First Inmate Since Troy Davis, and He's Disabled

The case is making international headlines because Hill has an undisputed intellectual disability.

Georgia's Political Cudgel Against the Poor: Drug Testing

Georgia followed Florida’s example in forcing safety-net recipients to get drug tests, despite the fact that neither law is likely to stand up in court. Why? Because actual policymaking was never the point.

Georgia Governor Signs Welfare Drug Testing Bill Into Law

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal approved a bill on Monday evening that will soon require all applicants to the state cash assistance program to pass a drug test.

Georgia's Statewide Undocumented Students College Ban Fails

The bill, which also included HB 56-like provisions that would have blocked immigrants’ access to basic utilities, died.

The Coming Battle Down South: Latino Voters vs. Anti-Immigrant Lawmakers

Latino and Asian immigrants are the fastest-growing segments of the South, but their voting power still lags.

Georgia Senate Bans Undocumented Students from Public Colleges

On Monday the Georgia Senate passed a bill that would ban undocumented students from Georgia’s 60 public colleges.

Bulldogs Lose Recruit as Georgia Demands He Prove Immigration Status

Georgia is the second state, after South Carolina, to enact a ban on undocumented students at public colleges.

'The View' on Slave Homework: 'They Knew What They Were Doing'

Sherri Shepherd calls it what it is, racism.