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Colin Kaepernick and Bryan Stevenson Honored With Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois Medal

The award celebrates contributions to Black culture across various fields.

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The Danger of Dave Chappelle's Transphobic 'Jokes' [OPINION]

The comedian doubles down on his previous comments about transgender people in his latest Netflix special, “Equanimity.” Here’s why his failure to “punch up” hurts trans people of color.

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3 Illuminating Excerpts from Dave Chappelle's Interview Magazine Convo With Kendrick Lamar

The comedian interviewed the “DAMN.” rapper for Interview’s August cover story. Here are a few portions of their wide-ranging conversation about fame, using their influence and more. 

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Dave Chappelle Donates 100% of Flint Show Profits to City Foundation

“I want you to know that just by coming to see me, you supported this city—I’m not taking a dime.”

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Two Dave Chappelle Stand-up Specials Will Hit Netflix March 21

The comedian signed a three-special deal with the company soon after his “Saturday Night “Live” episode last November.

Dave Chappelle to Release 3 Comedy Specials Via Netflix

The stand-up specials will stream in 2017.

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Celebrate Black Cultural Excellence With These Streaming Specials

Both BET’s “Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration” and PBS’ “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise” highlight the past and present of Black pop cultural domination. They are both available to stream today.

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Before Dave Chappelle Hosts 'SNL,' We Remember 5 of His Classic Bits on Race

The enigmatic comedian will ”Saturday Night Live” tomorrow with musical guest A Tribe Called Quest.

Dave Chappelle: Political Artists 'Are Very Relevant and Necessary' During 'Emotionally-Charged Time'

The legendarily transgressive comic and writer spoke about creative responsibility and slammed “Key and Peele” during his remarks at the Art For Life benefit in Long Island this weekend. 

Dave Chappelle Reportedly Filmed An HBO Special

Could this be the Summer of Chappelle?

Dave Chappelle and Michael Sam Do GQ

Dave Chappelle and Michael Sam grace two of the six covers of GQ’s December 2014 “Men (and Women) of the Year” issue.

Dave Chappelle's Comeback Doesn't Include His Most Awful 'Fans'

The comedian is performing again, 9 years after walking away from comedy.

Dave Chappelle to Letterman: 'I Never Quit. I'm 7 Years Late to Work'

It was his first appearance on the show in 10 years.

Ten Years After 'Chappelle's Show,' A Writer Looks Back

Essayist Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah writes about what the comic means to the discussion of race in America.

Dave Chappelle Heckled Off Stage During Comedy Routine

Things didn’t go so well in Hartford, Conn. this week.

Dave Chappelle's New Comedy Tour Coming to a City Near You

Your favorite funny man will be back in action this summer.