Darnell L. Moore

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Cassius Tackles Toxic Masculinity in #MeToo Era With January Cover

Darnell L. Moore: “Because it’s time to reflect on the ways our collective love for ‘masculinity’ is like a tight ass grip choking brothers’ freedom, whether they have learned to breathe with hands around their necks or not.”

Pharrell Williams looks off camera

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Campaign for Black Male Achievement Explores Intersection of Art, Activism

The organization’s third Black Male Re-Imagined program envisions a nation that celebrates and respects the humanity of African-American men.

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WATCH: Vic Mensa, Darnell L. Moore, Baratunde Thurston Talk Policing and Racism

Spotify, Mic and HeadCount launched “Clarify”—a new series where Thurston discusses important electoral issues with public figures—earlier this month. Watch his discussion with Mensa, Moore and reformist NYPD officer Edwin Raymond on policing and its impact on Black communities.

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Relive the Hits From the Badass Women Featured at This Year's 'Hip Hop Honors'

VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens” featured performances from Queen Latifah, Lil Kim and Eve.

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WATCH: Rural Mississippians Fight the Digital Divide in New Episode of 'The Movement'

Host Darnell L. Moore traverses Mississippi to investigate how digital culture’s advances leave many impoverished rural residents behind.

Food Justice Org Empowers Women of Color in New Episode of 'The Movement'

Mic’s docu-series visits San Francisco’s Mission District to profile local nonprofit “La Cocina.”

WATCH: Black LGBTQ New Yorkers Seek Liberation Through Ballroom Culture

In Mic’s latest installment of “The Movement,” Darnell L. Moore explores this dance and nightlife culture’s importance to LGBTQ people of color.

Community Organizer Fights for Justice in Season 2 Premiere of 'The Movement'

Gail Noble and Silicon Valley De-Bug’s quest to help families navigate the complex judicial system takes center stage in the second season premiere of Mic’s acclaimed web series. 

New Episode of Mic's 'The Movement' Explores Native Community's Fight to Reclaim Health and Tradition

“Food and access to food is definitely used as a weapon to help subjugate.”