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President Obama Ends 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot' Policy for Cuban Immigrants

The decades-old policy allowed most Cuban immigrants to remain in the U.S., regardless of how they entered the country.

In his signature green military fatigues Fidel Castro makes a speech at a Havana podium in 2004.

Why I'm Neither Celebrating Nor Mourning the Passing of Fidel Castro

Sheriden M. Booker, an African-American scholar with deep ties to Cuba through her studies, relationships and religion, explains why she’s ambivalent about Fidel Castro’s legacy. 

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Epic 80-Part Series on Celia Cruz Now Available on Netflix

“Celia” portrays the iconic Cuban singer’s rise to global superstardom. Now, the Telemundo series is available with English subtitles on Netflix.

Donald Trump Uses Brussels Attacks as Opportunity to Be Islamophobic

“I wonder if they’re setting up a little area in Cuba for the Muslim population,” the Republican presidential candidate said in a Fox Business interview. 

Chris Christie Wants Flights to Cuba Banned Until Assata Shakur is Extradited

The presidential hopeful on Shakur: “I will not tolerate rewarding the Cuban government for continuing to harbor a fugitive.”

WATCH: Part One of Telemundo's Celia Cruz Epic is Now Available Online

Telemundo made part one of 80 (!!!) available to watch on Facebook. 

Questlove Documents His Musical Experience In Havana

The musical savant goes to Cuba and taps intot its rich artistic culture.

Cuban Official Says Assata Shakur's Extradition is 'Off the Table'

The activist is still safe outside of the U.S.

President Obama Says He's Not Jay-Z's Travel Agent

We’ve got better things to do,” Obama said.

Who Needs to 'Get Informed' on Che Guevara? Jay-Z or Marco Rubio?

Guevara does have a complex history.

Hurricane Could Hit New Orleans on 7th Anniversary of Katrina

Isaac remains on track to hit New Orleans area as Category 1 hurricane.

Fidel Castro Owns Up to Persecuting Gays in Cuba

“If someone is responsible, it’s me,” Castro told journalists.

U.S. Considers Lifting Cuban Travel Embargo

Here’s a peek at modern life in the country.