Keynote Speaker Rev. Dr. William Barber II face emanates neon purple rays against a background of dark blue with dark teal concentric pentagonal shapes that subtly meet one another to create a cohesive pattern as they radiate out in to space. Race Forward Presents Facing Race: A National Conference.

We wrote a year ago about “Celia,” the 80-episode Telemundo series about Afro-Cuban singer and international icon Celia Cruz. That series is now available for streaming in its entirety on Netflix. 

As Shadow and Act reports, all 80 episodes—each of which clocks in at about 45 minutes—are available on Netflix in Spanish with English subtitles. The series comprehensively chronicles the star’s life, including her rise from obscurity in revolution-era Cuba to global stardom as the queen of salsa music. Portrayed by Puerto Rican actress Jeimarie Osorio (“Fast Five”), Cruz breaks past institutional sexism and racism to dominate her genre.

Check out the trailer below, then go watch the entire series on Netflix.