The Boondocks

Aaron McGruder. Black man smiles in black blazer and t-shirt with multicolored logo in front of white wall with black text that spells "The New York Times"

ICYMI: Aaron McGruder Resurrects 'The Boondocks' Just in Time

Huey, Riley, Robert and Ruckus take on the presidential administration’s racist policies, Russian subterfuge and R. Kelly.

Animation of Black woman in green jacket with white samurai sword handle in front of orange sky

'Children of Ether' Creator LeSean Thomas: Anime Characters of Color are 'A Pretty Big Deal'

The former “The Boondocks” illustrator discusses his new anime project, which opens in 300 theaters today, and the importance of animated shows featuring characters of color.

Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Grew Up and Got Radical

Daria, Lisa Simpson, and Dora the Explorer went and became activists just like you.

How the "Boondocks" Fell Off

When the criticism becomes the problem.