Fans of “The Boondocks” may soon have their beloved animated series back, according to one of the series’ stars, John Witherspoon (Grandad), who let slip during a May 29 interview on the Joe Rogan Experience that a new season is in the works. The iconic comic series caused a stir earlier this February when radio personality Charlamagne Tha God published several one-off strips created by artist Aaron McGruder to Instagram.  

In the interview, Witherspoon discussed the many aspects of his career, including how he’s always been himself when acting, which is exactly what he did as Grandad on “The Boondocks.” He then said, “And they’re coming back. ‘The Boondocks’ is coming back.” Witherspoon then added, “It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on.”

While Twitter has reacted, “The Boondocks” creator McGruder has been characteristically quiet. Check out the complete interview with Witherspoon and his son, comedian J.D. Witherspoon:

Many on social media were excited about the news, but some also noted that without the creator, the show may not be worth the support.


Diehard fans who have been around since the series debuted in 2005 warned newbies to not kill their vibe if the new season premieres. Many on Twitter were convinced “The Boondocks” and its satire went over a lot of people’s heads:


Others noted the show was genius and ahead of its time regarding events like R. Kelly’s sexual assault. They say the show needs to return because of the way it tackles issues like racism: