Kenan Thompson. Black man in navy suit with red and gray striped tie and white shirt holds finger in front of green wall and brown painting frame.

Watch 'SNL' Educate Virginia Politicians About Blackface

In 2019. Still.

A White model wears a black sweater that comes over her mouth, surrounding it with red lips.

The Real Cost of Being the POC 'In the Room' Required to Shut Down Obviously Racist Products

A common response to failed products like the Gucci blackface sweater is that there should have been a Black person “in the room” to save the company from marketing racism. We need to talk what it takes to get into that room and the cost of staying there. 

Gold text spells "GUCCI" on glass background reflecting blue sky on brown building.

Gucci Pulls Blackface Sweater From Site, Shelves

The fashion house thought a Black knit top with bright red lips would sell well during Black History Month. Social media users disagreed. Emphatically.

Marcus Scribner, Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Black teenage boy in black pants and blue jean jacket and white shirt stands next to Black woman in red superhero outfit with silver rings next to Black man in black tunic with silver embroidery

On The Fright—and Delight—Of Halloween

Because nothing is more terrifying than racial injustice—and nothing is more adorable than kids whose costumes show us who they really are.

Amber Ruffin. Black woman with dark brown hair smiles in pink dress with rhinestones in front of purple wall with grey and white text and insignia

Amber Ruffin On Megyn Kelly's Nostalgia for Blackface

The comedian tackles Kelly’s latest racist remarks on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Images of White men with filters artificially darkening their skin and altering their features

FaceApp Learns Nothing from Past Mistakes, Introduces and Promptly Removes More Racist Filters

The newest filters let users render their selfies with “Asian, Black, Caucasian and Indian” features, because apparently Blackface and its derivative forms are hot with young people right now.

Snapchat Harshes Users' Buzz With Bob Marley 420 Filter

Critics say the filter renders users in Blackface. What do you think? 

More Alleged Greek Life Racism, This Time At UCLA

Because you’ve heard a variation on this story too many times, we’re breaking down everything you need to know. 

The Metropolitan Opera Will Finally Stop Using Blackface on Stage

Until now, every actor who has portrayed the title role in “Otello” at The Met has worn blackface.

Zoe Saldana Says She Didn’t Think She Was 'Right For The Part' of Nina Simone

Zoe Saldana understands the backlash against her for playing Nina Simone, but says they ‘chose an artist who was willing to sacrife herself.’

Neo-Nazis, Blackface and Homophobia at the World Cup

Not a good look.

French 'ELLE' Beauty Editor Apologizes for Solange Knowles Blackface Costume

As the beauty editor at an internationally recognized fashion magazine, shouldn’t she know better?

What Do People Get Out of Racist Costumes? A Cognitive Psychologist Explains

It’s one thing to repeatedly warn against wearing racist costumes. But it’s another thing entirely to understand why people wear them in the first place

A Brief Halloween History on Why Blackface Is Always a Bad Idea

Considering such a costume this Halloween? Stop.

These Men Dressed Up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman For Halloween

And if that doesn’t turn your stomach, then this might: the costume includes blackface and a bloodstained hoodie.

'Africa'-Themed Party Features KKK, Elephant and Black Face Costumes

The birthday girl says that she’s always wanted to teach in Africa, so it’s okay.

UC Irvine Asian-American Frat's Awful Blackface Video As Bad As It Sounds

There are no excuses. But this isn’t the first time Lambda Theta Delta’s been down this road.

From Blackface to Food Stamps, Is All Publicity Good Publicity? [Reader Forum]

Some people will do anything for attention. Colorlines readers respond to the latest race- and poverty-related stunts.

Two Minnesota Students Record a Terribly Racist Rant in Blackface

The two young women go through just about every stereotype in the 5-minute video.

Confused About Whether Your Costume is Racist or Not?

Confused About Whether Your Costume is Racist or Not? Here’s your last minute checklist.