White Students in Blackface Reenact Chris Brown-Rihanna Fight

Last Friday, three white high schools students

in Waverly, New York attended a pep-rally in black face and re-enacted a “scene” from the 2009 incident in which performer Chris Brown allegedly beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

PopChips Didn't Learn From Indian Ad Saga --They're On Mexicans Now

Remember the fiasco earlier this year after PopChips ran commercials with Ashton Kutcher in brownface impersonating Indians?

Brooklyn Prosecutor Keeps Job Despite Blackface Photos on Facebook

Marrus, now 25, uploaded the photos to Facebook six years ago when he was an undergraduate student.

Second Grader Removed From School for Honoring MLK with Blackface

A Colorado Springs second grader showed up to school in blackface.

Hey Ashton Kutcher and PopChips: Brownface is Still Racist [Video]

A new Youtube campaign shows bad judgment from the Two And A Half Men star.

Did Sweden's Racist Cake-Cutting Scandal Accomplish Anything? [Reader Forum]

Or was it another case of exploitative politics packaged in shock-value art? Colorlines readers discuss.

'Nutella Face Paint' That's What MTV Calls Blackface Incident on 'Battle of the Exes' [Video]

On Wednesday night’s episode of the MTV reality challenge show “Battle Of The Exes” the last black contestant almost went home not because he lost a challenge but because his own teammate/ex-girlfriend mocked him with “one of the most offensive pranks” in MTV Challenge history

Guy In Blackface Asks Brigham Young Students About Black History Month [Video]

Dave Ackerman, 31, a comedian based in Utah dresses up in blackface and goes to the Brigham Young campus to ask questions about black historical figures.

Mississippi Sorority Recalls 'The Cosby Show' By Dressing in Blackface

Six students at the University of Southern Mississippi dressed in black face to depict the Huxtables at an off-campus 1980s themed costume party.