Black Men

Black Man At A Doctor's Visit

STUDY: Increasing Number of Black Doctors Could Save Black Men's Lives

Black men have the lowest life expectancy in the United States. A new study examines why a doctors race can make all the difference.

Five smiling Black boys walking

REPORT: Which U.S. Cities Are Investing in the Success of Black Men and Boys?

A new analysis from the Campaign for Black Male Achievement shows that city-level support for Black males is up across the country, but some cities still have a long way to go.

Yellow "M" glows on blue background

Anti-Black Flyers Posted on University of Michigan Campus

One of the flyers is called “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.”

REPORT: Young Black and Latino Men Want to be 'Heard, Not Judged'

The report—created by a market research firm—also found that they need “trusted resources” for mental health and skills development.

The Best 3 Cities for Black Men to Succeed

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement’s new report details how well 50 cities are doing when it comes to supporting Black excellence for men and boys.

NPR Explores 'The Fear of Black Men in America'

Add your voice to today’s Twitter chat at 12:30pm

Two Start-up Founders Talk Diversity in Tech

The STEM needs more industry leaders of color.

[Video] What 'Ferguson' Means for Black Men, Ages 5 to 50

Like the DOJ’s Ferguson report, not too many surprises, here.

No Second Chance For Ferguson's PR Rep, Also An Ex-Con

Second chances don’t come easy for men like Devin James

Following Ferguson: Weekend Reads

Must-reads for when you have time to catch up

Life Cycles of Inequity: A Colorlines Series on Black Men

A monthly series exploring the ways in which injustice impacts every stage of black male life.

Is White Still Right?

The New Year is bringing new attention to a very old question.