Baltimore Uprising

Black-and-white photo of Black man in tank top, pants and sneakers sitting on stone ledge while touching multicolored mural on brick wall in front of grey sky

Devin Allen Captures Baltimore's Everyday Joy and the Pain of Freddie Gray's Death in 'A Beautiful Ghetto'

The West Baltimore photographer’s new book, “A Beautiful Ghetto,” is both a visual love letter to his hometown and a chronicle of its 2015 unrest after police killed Freddie Gray. Here are five key shots and the stories behind them.

Marilyn Mosby in grey pinstriped suit with white shirt underneath against multi-colored mural of Freddie Gray and grey street

READ: Marilyn Mosby Discusses Freddie Gray Trial, Black Lives Matter in New Interview

A new article from The New York Times Magazine investigates the forces that Mosby says stopped her from successfully prosecuting the officers implicated in Freddie Gray’s death.

Baltimore Police Shoot 14-Year-Old Carrying BB Gun

The non-fatal shooting happened on the one-year anniversary of the Baltimore Uprising.

A Year After Freddie Gray's Death, A Look at Media's Coverage of the Baltimore Uprising

Baltimore activist Lawrence Grandpre: “We have this really threat-based framework for interpreting things like the Baltimore uprising. When you see Black folks as an irrational threat, all you need to do to assuage your fear is put them down.”

Baltimore Activists Protest Police Commissioner Appointment, Arrested During Sit-in

Baltimore Uprising on Kevin Davis’ pending appointment as Baltimore police chief: “Since Kevin Davis took office as interim police commissioner there has been a heightened aggression from law enforcement towards protesters.”

Baltimore PD Arrests Activist Kwame Rose During Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Protest

Also, the judge denied a motion to dismiss the charges against the officers accused of killing Gray in police custody.