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ColorLines hit the streets in Los Angeles, Oakland and New York City to bring you images from demonstrations happening as on the first day of enforcement for the non-injoined sections of SB1070. You’ll also see photos from many organizational allies of our publisher, the Applied Research Center. Do you have video or pictures to share? Post links in the comments and we may feature them on this page, too.

New York

Photo by Naima Ramos-Chapman

Los Angeles

Photo by Jorge Rivas

arpaioprotest_1070.jpgProtesters Block Sheriff Arpaio’s Jail Entrance (Photo by PuenteAZ/Anita Sarkeesian)


banner_crane_arizona_1070-729_2.jpg On Wednesday, protesters in Phoenix, Arizona scaled a downtown crane to display their message, “Stop hate, no 287g, no 1070,” linking the local racial profiling law with the federal policy of criminalization. The banner was unfurled at approximately 6:00 p.m. and remained on display for over an hour. The climbers released a statement that read, “Stopping the hate means not just stopping SB 1070 and Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona but stopping all the Arpaios that the President’s ICE access program is creating all across the country.” (Photo by PuenteAZ/Anita Sarkeesian)

San Francisco and Oakland





Golden Gate photo by jonathan mcintosh, Oakland photos: Hatty Lee

… .

Los Angeles

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New York

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