A Native American woman wearing a floral shirt and black sweater smiles

3 Things to Keep Me From Rolling My Eyes at Your White Privilege

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly, a community organizer from the Tohono O’odham Nation, presents three best practices for White allies trying to meaningfully engage with people from underrepresented groups at meetings, protests and events.

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New Report Details Political Reach, Danger of Oregon's Patriot Movement

The Malheur occupation introduced much of the world to the conservative- and racist-leaning movement that, as a new report from the Rural Organizing Project and Political Research Associates explains, has deep roots in Oregon and major implications for national organizing efforts.

Man holds sign reading "ABOLISH WAGE SLAVERY" while standing alongside other protesters in Manhattan

Undocumented Café Employees Fight Exploitation in 'The Hand That Feeds'

The documentary, part of the “America ReFramed” series, airs tonight on World Channel.

REPORT: How to Leverage Social Media Moments Into Offline Movements

A new report says that social justice movements won’t have maximum impact if people don’t marry what they do online with the offline fight to gain universal Internet access for people of color.

Obama's Not Sparing DREAMers--Their Activism is Winning

New York Times sees benevolence instead of organizing as force behind young activists’ victories.

Cities Still Boycotting Arizona, But Does It Matter?

At least 22 cities and counties have passed resolutions condemning the SB 1070-state.

MAC, Rodarte Will Donate ALL Global Profits to Juarez

Both companies scramble to cover missteps in their Juarez-inspired makeup line.

Scenes from SB 1070 Demonstrations Across the Nation

ColorLines hits the streets–and surfs the Web–to illustrate a day of activism.

Tweeting for Oscar Grant

Organizers used Web tools to keep folks informed, and to reinforce nonviolence and safety.

30 Protests in 30 Days for Arizona Activists

A month of daily opposition in the run up to the start of SB 1070 enforcement on July 29.

Oscar Grant Verdict: Oakland Takes to the Streets, Peacefully

Images from Oakland’s early-evening rally in support of Oscar Grant’s family.

"The Wrong People Are in Control"

By now, you’ve seen the headlines recounting last night’s reaction to the involuntary manslaughter verdict in the Johannes Mehserle murder trial. The San Francisco Chronicle’s reporting that angry mobs smashed windows and looted from stores.

5 Ways To Celebrate the Fourth of July

It happens every year. Your progressive friends host the Fourth of July barbecue, where you eat too much carne puerco and grumble intermittently among yourselves about what crap this holiday is, how it’s all about nation-building and do you remember that piece by Howard Zinn on putting away the flags? Then you all agree that on the flipside it’s nice to have a day off or have gotten overtime. You open more Coronas and start talking about the bad news you just read on FaceBook that morning.

Violence is Not Justice, Says Oscar Grant PSA

PSA pushes for peace should Johannes Mehserle be found not guilty of any charges in Grant’s killing.

The Young People Building Tomorrow's Queer World

A glimpse into queer America’s multiracial and incredibly dynamic future.