Thousands of people gathered outside Arizona’s Capitol building on Sunday to protest against AZ Senate Bill 1070. Check out some of the highlights below and please comment and let us know if there is anything we missed.

Local news report from Phoenix Arizona on Sunday.

Supporters of immigration reform packed Phoenix’s First Institutional Baptist Church to see Dr. Warren H. Stewart speak out against SB 1070. “Some of us may have to go to jail if all else fails.” he said. “Let’s fill up, overflow Sheriff Arpaio’s jail. Overflow it with those for righteousness and for justice.”

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D — IL) visits Arizona to demand Obama stop SB 1070. He is met at The State Capitol by thousands, and takes the stage with students who support The Dream Act.

wherelawtyranny.jpg “Where law ends, tyranny begins”, Arizona state supreme court building. Source: Kevin Bondelli

91453101_nakasec.jpg Source: National Korean American Service & Education Consortium

91451332_nakasec.jpg Source: National Korean American Service & Education Consortium

91513735_nakasec.jpg Source: National Korean American Service & Education Consortium

4550449462_a791b28f4c_b_RI4A.jpg Source: Reform Immigration for America

4553174856_1798dc13ae_b_RI4A.jpg Source: Reform Immigration for America

Video via Associated Press: “Protesters in Arizona urged the Obama administration on Sunday not to cooperate when illegal immigrants are picked up by local police if a tough new state immigration law survives legal challenges.”