Women are coming together to make a difference in this upcoming election.

“Supercharge: Women All In,” a massive virtual voter engagement operation launching later this month, was announced this week by the organization Supermajority. The group is led by Cecile Richards (former president of Planned Parenthood), Alicia Garza (co-founder of Black Lives Matter) and Ai-jen Poo (co-founder of the National Domestic Workers Alliance), according to a statement from organizers.

The group explained the need for such a campaign: 

Women in this country — especially women of color — are feeling the brunt of COVID-19, police brutality, lack of health-care access, and the spiraling economy. On top of that, women are acutely aware that the right to vote is under attack. What women need now more than ever is space to recharge — to supercharge. “Supercharge: Women All In” is a virtual event that will bring together thousands of women to laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate women’s political power while fueling a large-scale, woman-to-woman voter contact campaign.


Supermajority’s million followers aim to send 4.5 million text messages; make at least 250,000 phone calls and write 50,000 letters encouraging people they know to vote, organizers say. 

According to the group:

The campaign is focused on educating and mobilizing 2 million women, particularly young women and women of color in target states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona) to vote in November.

“We know when women come together, we are an unstoppable force, and so we are creating space to laugh together and inspire each other as we prepare to make lasting change in this election and beyond,” Ai-jen Poo said in the statement. 

The group also compiled research and released “What Women Want 2020,” a comprehensive roundup of the issues they believe leaders must prioritize. The results are “grounded in new Supermajority research on how women feel about the upcoming election.” Those issues, according to Supermajority’s statement, are “systemic racism and inequality; immediate and long-term economic relief; access to quality, affordable health care; and protecting and expanding our right to vote.” 

“Women are the majority of voters, and it is way past time that we harness our collective power to determine the direction of our country and to make sure this government prioritizes and reflects us,” Richards said in a statement. 

Tune into “Supercharge: Women All In,” a three-hour virtual day of action event livestream, on supercharge2020.com and across Supermajority’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on Sept. 26 at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT.