Black Lives Matter

Naomie Harris. Black woman with braids wearing police uniform.

'Black and Blue' Star Naomie Harris Talks Race and Policing

“The aim of this film is also to reignite dialogue and get people outraged again and hopefully get them active.”

Sandra Bland's Family Wants Case Reopened After New Arrest Video Surfaces

Bland’s personal cellphone footage of the violent encounter was uncovered by a local Dallas news station.

Screenshot of photo of murdered 21-year-old Alabama man Emantic Bradford Jr, who wears his military uniform.

Protests Erupt After the Alabama Cop Who Fatally Shot Emantic Bradford Jr. Isn't Charged

The State Attorney General says the shooting of Emantic ‘E.J.’ Bradford Jr. was “justified.”

Protesters outside at night, one holds sign that reads, "Black trans lives matter."

Join #Time4BlackTransWomen For a Moment of Remembrance

Of the 20 known transgender women killed in the United States in 2018 so far, 14 of them were Black.

Amandla Stenberg in grey coat on red couch in front of green and orange wall

Amandla Stenberg On Integrating Activism Into Her Career

The 19-year-old actress says an urgent need to challenge White supremacist structures powers her path through the entertainment industry.

'The Hate U Give' Illustrator Disappointed With Movie For Casting Light-Skinned Actress

“I was hoping it would be a very Brown-skinned actress, because there’s so little opportunities in these big movies for darker-skinned actresses. I can’t fudge. That’s how I felt.”

Black man in grey suit and Black woman in black suit with red shirt stand next to black-and-white movie poster with Black child in white hoodie in front of grey wall

'Rest in Power' Tells The Story Trayvon Martin Couldn't

The docuseries examines the Black teenager’s life before vigilante George Zimmerman killed him, and the impact he had on the nation.

Black teenage girl with black hair in dark blue hoodie in front of grey background

WATCH: Amandla Stenberg Shines in Trailer for 'The Hate U Give'

Stenberg’s character is forever changed when she sees a White police officer shoot and kill her friend.

Black women and man in black and red and white clothing stand on brown floor in front of grey and brown wall

WATCH: SOL Development Uplifts Black Activism, Resilience in 'Helicopter'

“‘Helicopter’ is about historicizing and contextualizing the Black experience, so that we begin to understand the precarious nature of Black life.”

Smiling Black girl

Alicia Garza Launches New Organization to Harness Black Political Power

“Black folks drive the progressive political power in this country, but rarely benefit from the fruits of our labor. We are launching the Black Futures Lab as a way to mobilize around our needs, hopes and dreams.”

Remembering Trayvon

Martin’s death at the hands of a vigilante sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.

White men and women in green and and black and white and grey clothing stand over grey and yellow traffic pole on grey sidewalk in front of grey buildings and black night sky

Black Lives Matter Activist Calls Out 'White Privilege' of Post-Super Bowl Property Damage

Hawk Newsome: ”You can riot if you’re White and your team wins, but if you’re Black and being killed, you can’t speak out.”

A Black woman wearing a white shirt rests her hand on her pregnant belly.

Patrisse Cullors on What the Tax Bill Has to Do With Women of Color Dying in Childbirth

The senior fellow in maternal mortality at MomsRising and Black Lives Matter coufounder discusses how the tax bill may impact the reproductive health of women of color, particularly Black women. 

Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza

Black Lives Matter Founders Awarded Sydney Peace Prize

Archbishop Desmond Tutu won the same award in 1999 for his anti-Apartheid work.

Wihte man in black suit next to Black man in grey suit in front of red white and blue U.S. and Russian flags and black background

ICYMI: Russian Intelligence Has Targeted Black Activists for Decades

This isn’t the first time they weaponized America’s racism.

What Does the FBI's New 'Black Identity Extremist' Label Really Mean to Black Organizing?

“Acting with great principle in this time is not just a matter of moral high ground but also a matter of personal safety,” says surveillance reform expert Malkia Cyril. “What we need to not do is be paranoid. What overcomes paranoia is principles.”

Marines, heads bowed

Troops Say White Nationalism is Greater Threat to Nation Than ISIS Conflicts

And nearly half of troops of color surveyed said White nationalism is thriving in the nation’s military.

A little Black girl wearing colorful barrettes holds a rag in front of her mouth to block police tear gas during a protest against the killing of Michael Brown

Police Killed Michael Brown 3 Years Ago. Reflections on the Energy and Trauma of the Uprising It Sparked

On August 9, 2014 Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot an unarmed Black 18-year-old named Michael Brown. Ashley Yates was on the ground organizing during the uprising that followed. In this Q&A, writer, activist and artist Ashley Yates talks about facing militarized police daily, healing from burnout, and where the movement should go from here.