Just before 6am this morning more than 500 domestic workers and children were in buses from around the state of California to march for domestic workers rights at the State Capitol in Sacramento when they learned about the Oscar nominations for ‘The Help.’ “I’m on my way to share my story with legislators in Sacramento,” said Maria Reyes, a caregiver from San Francisco. “Just like the women in ‘The Help,’ I believe in the power of our stories.” “The Help” earned four Oscar nominations today for Viola Davis (Best Actress), Octavia Spencer (Best Supporting Actress), Jessica Chastain (Best Supporting Actres), and the top category, Best Picture. During the rally on the capital steps Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) said that his [legislation](http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/08/the_help_today_still_dont_have_rights_actually.html) requiring overtime pay and meal breaks for domestic workers continues the struggle depicted in “The Help.” “Despite the fact that they perform essential duties along with day-to-day care for some of the neediest of Californians, domestic workers lack the basic protections covering the vast majority of people who work in our state,” said Assemblyman Michael Allen earlier. “As a result, many domestic workers face harsh if not cruel conditions on the job, from wage theft to physical or sexual abuse. If we are to uphold the principle that there is dignity in all honest work, we must guarantee that domestic workers are treated with respect, fairness and dignity on the job.”