Frederick Douglass

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Get Ready For Second Season Premiere of 'Underground'

Fans can join the WGN period drama’s cast and crew for a live Twitter chat during the premiere.

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New Book Collects Frederick Douglass' Brooklyn Speeches

Historian and writer Theodore Hamm gathered some of the abolitionist leader’s seminal speeches and lectures for “Frederick Douglass in Brooklyn,” which debuted yesterday.

Watch the Ghost of Frederick Douglass Star in This 1970's Afro Sheen Commercial

Too much. But still a little something for your afternoon lunch break.

How To Celebrate the Fourth of July: Read Frederick Douglass

Fire up the grill, lay in the sun, dance to music and drink wine, yes. But start the weekend with a sober take on the mythology of America’s liberation story.

Davis and Douglass in Tandem

A new collection of Angela Davis’s lectures and Frederick Douglass’s writings puts history in perspective.