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Minnesota Declares May 23 'Beyoncé Day'

Apparently states can do that. Dope. 

'Hip Hop Honors' Returns, Will Exclusively Big Up Women

The show will air July 11 at 9 p.m. ET.

STUDY: Criminal Profiling Software Used in Sentencing is Biased Against Black People

ProPublica conducted uncovered the bias in algorithms used to "objectively" assess someone's possibility of committing future crimes.

REPORT: Black People Are Primary Victims of Mass Shootings

A new piece from The New York Times analyzed statistics on shootings with four or more casualties and found that—contrary to many popular depictions of mass shootings—Black people suffer disproportionately from mass gun violence.


Gender & Sexuality

Here's Why Indiana Should #FreePurvi Patel on Appeal

Arts & Culture

Bill Cosby Will Stand Trial For Sexual Assault


WATCH: Muslim Youth Read Japanese-American Internees' Heartbreaking 'Letters From Camp'

Police Violence

Judge Finds Officer Edward Nero Not Guilty in Second Freddie Gray Trial