Von Diaz

New York, NY

Von Diaz is a Colorlines reporter and multimedia producer, as well as an editor for Feet in Two Worlds, which brings the work of immigrant and ethnic media journalists from communities across the U.S. to public radio and the Web. Von focuses her reporting on immigration, Latino arts and culture, LGBT issues and food. Her work has been featured on PRI’s The World, NPR’s Latino USA, WNYC, and Feet in Two Worlds. In 2011 she won an Ippie Award for her multi-media story on homeless, gay immigrant youth in New York.

In addition to reporting she has also worked in communications for El Museo del Barrio, a Latino museum and cultural institution; and Spark, a San Francisco-based youth mentorship program. She also dedicates her time to a number of youth empowerment causes, and serves on Board of Fundación ALMA, a Colombian mus

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