Sally Kohn

The News Media's Public Disservice in Boston

In moments like these, people make assumptions. It becomes all the more important for media to challenge those assumptions and keep our prejudices in check. In that, too many failed.

The 113th Congress and the Tyranny of the Minority

America is fast changing, and that change is reflected in the policies voters overwhelmingly back. And yet, a small band of white men continue to lord over us all.

Get Ready to Debate Obama's American Identity, Again

In the run-up to the GOP convention, the Romney camp has cried foul about the Democrats’ nasty tactics–while simultaneously reviving one of the most offensive themes in American politics.

Here We Go Again: The Ginned Up Race War of 2012

Conservative commentators and political operatives have already begun conjuring images of scary black people out to destroy an endangered whiteness. Sally Kohn predicts we’ll see a lot more, as the right seeks ways to motivate its electoral base.

'The Talk' With My White Daughter: Don't Be Like John Derbyshire

As the country mourns Trayvon Martin, a now-fired conservative pundit drew attention with a letter to his sons about fearing black men. Sally Kohn explains to her own daughter the perils of white privilege, and the pride of creating a true “beloved community.”

The Definitive Guide to Bigotry in the 2012 Republican Primaries (So Far)

Slavery nostalgia. Submissive women. Southern secession. Brace yourself, the Republican Party is gonna have a long, ugly debate to pick its presidential nominee.

5 Reasons To Miss Glenn Beck (and for Progressives To Learn From Him)

The man has revolutionized television as a movement building tool.