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Khaliyl's Big Brother Kieyen Loves To Read

From history books to comics to biographies on the Obamas, the baby rapper’s older brother loves reading time with Dad.

What Arpaio Didn't Do This Time: Over 400 Sex Crimes Ignored

While “America’s Toughest Sheriff” chased down immigrants, his office also refused to investigate child abuse claims involving the children of undocumented residents.

This Holiday Season Send Some Love Through Prison Walls

Just Detention International’s holiday campaign is a simple way to send a little love and light to an incarcerated survivor of sexual abuse.

Today's Love Goes to Khaliyl, Our Favorite 2-Year-Old Rapper

Little Khaliyl Iloyi can barely keep the smile off his face as he demonstrates his impeccable rhythm.

Today's Love: Students Study at Freedom University

A clandestine operation in Athens, GA is providing undocumented college students the opportunity to study, after the Board of Regents banned them from attending any of the state’s top five public universities.

Jails Paid Per Prisoner? That's Perverse, Say NOLA Advocates

Orleans Parish Prison receives money based on how many inmates are detained each day. And go figure, it’s got the largest county jail per capita of any major U.S. city.

New Documentary 'Soul Food Junkies' Needs Your Support

Help filmmaker Byron Hurt complete his new documentary that examines this beloved African American food tradition.

Today's Love Goes to Nicole Harris, El Paso's Treadmill Dancing Queen

She glides and spins with such grace that a fellow gym-goer just had to record it. The Dancing Queen’s stage: a Planet Fitness treadmill.

Today's Love: D.C. Woman Coaches Boys Football Team to Championship

Former D.C. Divas wide receiver, head coach and science teacher Natalie Randolph led the Coolidge Colts to D.C.’s 42nd annual Thanksgiving Day championship Turkey Bowl.

Today's Love: Wampanoag Tribe Revives Indigenous Language

‘We Still Live Here: s Nutayuneân’ tells the inspiring story of the Wampanoag Nation’s revival of their native language.

Today's Love: Trio of Siblings from Mexico Cover Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'

Angie, 10, Gustavo, 13, and Abelardo, 15, have taken the internet by storm with their experiment in Dad’s music studio.

Today's Love: Ella Fitzgerald's Victory at the Apollo's Amateur Night

77 years ago today, the jazz legend won over her first crowd at the famous Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night.

It's Not Feminism That's Ruining Romance: A Fresh Spin on Dating

Samhita Mukhopadhyay talks about her new book, the shift in women’s traditional roles, and what straight people can learn from the queer community when it comes to dating expectations.

Three African American Boys Become Chess Masters

And they’re barely into their teen years.

Father Celebrates Daughter's Wedding With Dance Medley

Watch Ashley Richmond and her father David Sparks work the dance floor when what begins as a traditional father-daughter dance breaks into a lively choreographed number.

New Report Finds Private Prisons a Threat to Criminal Justice Reform

As state’s struggle to close record budget gaps, private prisons have become an easy way to make millions.

Today's Love Goes to Michael Peña's Appreciation for the Letter Ñ

Michael Peña–not Michael Pena–makes us laugh as he teaches us proper pronunciation.

Young Chicago Gay Couple Boldly Defends Their Love Against Hate

In Chicago, Christopher Buchanan and Derrell Hughes refuse to be kicked off the bus for expressing their affection.

Today's Love: M.E.D.'s Message of Black-Brown Unity in 'Blaxican'

Rapper M.E.D. recognizes the need to work together, across racial lines, to achieve peace on the streets.

'Before I Die' Project Spreads Last Wishes and City Love Across Borders

Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project is transforming public spaces around the globe into interactive reminders of what’s truly important to us.