Jessica Hoffmann

Flipping the Script on Poverty

welfareQueens put real-life struggles on center stage.

Farm Subsidies Overwhelmingly Support White Farmers

The U.S. government spends billions each year subsidizing farm operations. Yet Black farmers receive only one-third to one-sixth of the benefits that other farmers receive.

The Last Plantation

Black farmers are organizing to counter the racist practices of the USDA.

Flash Point

A police officer’s killing in Phoenix leads to plans for expanding police involvement in immigration enforcement.

Why So High?

The Phoenix metropolitan area, with the highest rate of fatal police shootings among the 10 biggest U.S. cities, is also the most dangerous in the nation for Latinos.

Turning to Tasers

Phoenix police became the first in the country to use Tasers, but will that decrease shootings?

LAPD Gentrifies Skid Row

As the affluent take the city, poor Black residents are pushed out with force.