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BREAKING: La. Sheriff Ordered 'Illegal Alien' Probe of Oil Spill Workers

By Brentin Mock

Lincoln Vows to Finally Pay Black Farmers for Bias

black_farmers_050510.jpgBy Jessica Strong

Accountability for the Return of Abstinence-Only Funding

By Jessica Strong

Health care reform’s off the front pages, but the new problems it introduced haven’t gone away. Outraged at the (unanticipated) inclusion of renewed abstinence-only sex education funding in the bill, the group Advocates for Youth has plans to fight back against Capitol Hill and fight for the sexual and reproductive rights of youth.

Exploring Race in the NYT Tea Party Poll

nytimespoll-teaparty.jpgBy Victor Goode

Will the FDA Stub Out Big Tobacco's Menthol Ploy?


By Jessica Strong

It's Back! Abstinence-Only Funding Revived in Health Bill


By Jessica Strong

The Obama administration can add this one to its ever-growing list of progressive criticisms: The health insurance reforms the president finalized this morning include a revival of the controversial abstinence-only education initiative known as Title V.

Gaysians Take Over New York Fashion Week

By Alex Jung

Inconstancy, rather than a vice, has long been a strength of fashion. Empire waists, shoulder pads, and bubble skirts have all come in, out, and back again. Designers, too, fall in and out of favor with editors and the shopping elite who patronizes them. But lately, there has been a noticeable sea change, too strong to be a 15 seconds type of thing: Asian American designers.

Blacks and Latinos in Florida Hit Hard by Recession, Where's The Recovery?

By Joseph Phelan

Like every picture is worth a thousand words, every truth has a cost and the numbers never lie. In this economic crisis unemployment is hitting Black and Latino communities hard. But it isn’t just the numbers that matter, it’s the stories they represent.

New Orleans Needs More Than a New Mayor

mitch-neworleans-win2.jpgWritten by Jordan Flaherty In a city consumed by the Superbowl and Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans elected a new mayor last weekend. Mitch Landrieu, the state’s current Lieutenant Governor, won 65% of the vote — almost twice the total of the other ten candidates combined. Landrieu will be the city’s first white mayor since his father held the office, from 1970-78.

Police Brutality Breeds Public Outrage After Pittsburgh Teen's Beating

Arts_Student_Beaten_020110.jpgBy Matthew Newton

This post originally appeared on true/slant.

Is Scott Brown an Immigration Moderate?

scottbrown012610.jpgWritten by Patrick Young, Esq. CARECEN

This post originally appeared at Long Island Wins.

Since late Tuesday, I’ve been asked a dozen or more times “Is Scott Brown an immigration moderate in the mold of other Northeastern Republicans?”.

What Does Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission Mean for Communities of Color?

federalelectionscom_012009.jpgBy Victor Goode

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court drove a nail in the coffin of our ever shrinking democracy.

At Last! SCOTUS Finally Allows Corporations to Influence U.S. Politics

corporateflag.jpgBy Juell Stewart

The Weekly Diaspora: Real Immigration Reform in 2010

By Nezua, Media Consortium Blogger

“Is it ever ‘the right time’ to pass immigration reform and a path to legalization?” asks Maribel Hastings at New America Media. The short answer? Yes. Our national economic situation dictates that we are smart about the resources available to us all. It’s also a moral imperative to adjust our laws to protect the most vulnerable of us.

Cops Accused of Covering up Luis Ramirez's Murder Had History of Corruption

090512-Luis Ramirez-hmed-607p.hmedium.jpgBy Patrick Young

This post originally appeared at Long Island Wins.

The Decade of Fear: A Radical Desi Meditation on The End of The Zeros

leah and a megaphone.jpgBy Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Gone But Not Forgotten: Oakland Artists Remember Oscar Grant's Murder, One Year Later

I am Oscar Grant and my life matters.Written by Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes This post was originally published on and Oakland Local

Crazed Kanye West and Naked Lady Gaga: Where Have We Seen This Before?

gaga_kanye_lachapelle.jpgBy Matthew Newton

This post was originally published on true/slant. Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Virgin Island Prisoners Who Won't Cut Hair Held In Isolation In Virginia State Prisons

UTR prison poster image1.jpgBy Rend Smith