Channing Kennedy

Channing Kennedy Video & Multimedia Manager
Oakland, CA

Channing Kennedy is an Oakland-based writer, filmmaker and performer. As ARC’s video and multimedia manager, Channing works closely with reporters, researchers, advocates, communities, artists and musicians to tell human stories about big issues. Since joining ARC in 2008, he’s helped realize Colorlines’ full potential as a multiplatform daily news site, shaping its social media persona, engaging its community, and overseeing all parts of video production and strategy.

Channing’s reporting and commentary appears regularly on; his work on race and the internet has also appeared at NPR,, Tomorrow Magazine, the American Prospect, PostBourgie, Feministing, the Root, the Etsy blog and elsewhere. In 2010, Channing edited and co-wrote Colorlines’ first-ever TV special “Ra

Channing is @thatssochanning on Twitter.

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