Barbara Ransby

Ella Taught Me: Shattering the Myth of the Leaderless Movement

It’s in vogue to call the new movement to end police violence against black civilians leaderless. Historian and veteran activist Barbara Ransby argues that it has many leaders in the Ella Baker tradition—and that Twitter won’t save us. 


A Political Obituary of Nelson Mandela

Historian and author Barbara Ransby reflects on the anti-apartheid protests that became some of the defining social movements of the 20th century.

The 1963 March on Washington in Photos

Historian and author Barbara Ransby takes us beyond “I Have a Dream.”

Why We, as Women of Color, Join the Call for Divestment From Israel

On the heels of a controversial new Israeli law challenging boycotts, a group of feminist women of color describe their visit to Palestine and explain their call for divestment.

Remembering MLK: The Things We've Forgotten Would Guide Us

Civil rights historian Barbara Ransby says we are all King’s political heirs.

Charges That a Civil Rights Hero Was an FBI Spy Shouldn't Shock Us

Government snoops were always close confidants.

Henry Louis Gates' Dangerously Wrong Slave History

The celebrity academic’s New York Times editorial is not only a disservice to history, it comes at exactly the wrong time in our discourse on race.