Asraa Mustufa

A Palestinian woman wearing a keffiyeh around her neck speaks to a crowd

Rasmea Odeh: Deported But Not Defeated

The U.S. deported Palestinian Chicago-based activist Rasmea Odeh a little over a year ago. Here’s how the 71-year-old is adjusting to a whole new life in Jordan.

CIA Torture Report: What Now?

American Muslim leaders unload about the ‘utter moral depravity’ of the CIA’s post-9/11 torture and talk next steps.

Why I Skipped the White House's Ramadan Dinner

Samer Khalaf, president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, details why he called for a boycott of the high-profie iftar at the White House.

Obama's Unprecedented Use of State Secrets to Defend Religious Profiling

President Obama vowed as a candidate to end George W. Bush’s use of the state secrets privilege to get lawsuits thrown out of court. Instead, the administration is wielding it in previously unused ways to defend widespread profiling of Muslim Americans.

Chicago Police Shooting Spree? 43 Shot Already in 2011; 16 Dead

Chicago police have already shot nearly as many residents as all of last year–most recently a 13-year-old boy. Cops argue it’s because residents have “a total lack of respect and fear.” Residents say cops are “targeting black children.”

South Carolina's Gov. Nikki Haley Makes Good on Anti-Immigrant Promises

While similar laws are temporarily blocked in other states, South Carolina presses forward with their SB 1070 copycat bill.

Don Lemon on Colorism and Black Homophobia

The CNN anchor talks to The Root about coming out in the news industry as a black, gay man, and responds to claims that the industry prefers light skinned anchors.

Today's Love: Danny Goldfield's Global Quest for Peace

For the past eight years, photographer Danny Goldfield has been on an ambitious mission that could probably only take place in the Big Apple.

Jose Antonio Vargas Talks American Identity on Rachel Maddow Show

The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist is quickly becoming a gamechanger in the debate over the Dream Act.

Paramedic: Oscar Grant Received Inadequate Treatment After Shooting

A lawsuit accuses the Oakland Fire Department of covering up misconduct in the infamous police shooting incident.

Indiana Can't Defund Planned Parenthood, Says Federal Judge

But the right is plowing ahead with its state-level movement to block the group’s reproductive health services, which are crucial to women of color in many cities.

Alice Walker Doesn't Mince Words in Challenging Israeli Blockade of Gaza

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author is set to sail to Gaza, and compares the treatment of Palestinians to her own childhood in the American South.

Why Is HIV Still Going? One Reason: 1 in 5 Don't Know They Have It

We break down some of the most alarming stats showing how and why HIV is still spreading 30 years later.

Brooklyn Gets Ready to Show Love to Jamel Shabazz

A documentary about the chronicler of New York hip hop will premiere in Brooklyn this weekend.

9/11 Hate Crime Victim Campaigns for Attacker's Life

Rais Bhuiyan thinks it’s wrong to combat violence with more violence.

Federal Judge Hears Arguments on Georgia's Anti-Immigrant Law

A decision is expected to be made before July 1, when HB 87 is scheduled to take effect.

Supporters Remember Vincent Chin, Still Search for Justice

It’s been nearly 30 years since Chin was murdered amid massive deindustrialization in Detroit.

Van Jones Challenges Glenn Beck to a Debate

The green jobs guru tells Beck: “Anytime, Anywhere.”

Chicago Activists Push for Trauma Center on the South Side

Residents demand that one of the world’s premier hospitals also help save the lives of its neighbors.

NBA Star John Amaechi Wins Top British Honor

The former professional basketball player is out, proud and quickly becoming a champion of gay rights activism.