Ali Winston

What's in Store for Oakland With 'Supercop' William Bratton on the Beat?

The city is struggling with violent crime and police scandal. But is Bratton’s reputation for cleaning up both things earned, or just saber-rattling and good PR.

From Anaheim to Oakland, Police Brutality Still Plagues California

Recent news across the state offers stark reminders of how bad the relationship remains between militarized police forces and the black and brown neighborhoods they patrol.

Judge Takes Oakland Police One Step Closer to Federal Control

A investigation last fall found at least 20 OPD officers involved in repeat shootings. A federal judge has grown impatient with the department’s willingness to meaningfully probe that kind of violence.

The Police Raid on Occupy Oakland Was Nothing New for This City

This week’s chaos was the latest in at least two years of violent responses to public protest–and a long string of violence against suspects in black neighborhoods.

Deadly Secrets: What Calif. Residents Can't Know About Police Misconduct

A dramatic rollback in transparency laws left Californians with no way to monitor police misconduct complaints–and thus prevent future violence. Ali Winston investigates.

Deadly Secrets: How California Law Shields Oakland Police Violence

A dramatic rollback in transparency laws five years ago left California residents with no way to monitor police misconduct complaints–and thus prevent future violence. A investigation finds Oakland is one of the cities left most vulnerable.

Fresno Cops Involved in Repeat Shootings Still on Duty

Our joint investigation with The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund finds that 25 police officers remain on active duty despite mutliple incidents of violence against civilians.

Targeting Another Generation of Black Men

Despite lawsuits, review boards and more, Oakland fails to reform its police department.