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Hollywood Doesn't Pay Bankable Latinx Actresses Their Worth

There are no women of color on Forbes’ latest list of the industry’s highest-earning actresses. Remezcla examines the wage gap for Latinx thespians via the status of the extremely bankable Zoe Saldana.

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Shonda Rhimes, Lin-Manuel Miranda Awarded Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars

The Shondaland and “Hamilton” creators will join Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg and more in receiving stars in 2018.

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Zoe Saldana on 'Nina' Biopic: 'We F--king Won'

The actress claps back at critics who felt she was the wrong actress to portray Nina Simone.

Zoe Saldana Shares Why She Agreed to Nina Simone Biopic

The much-criticized actress also spilled what she learned from making the film.

READ: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Why the Nina Simone Biopic Debate is More Than Skin Deep

“But there is something deeply shameful—and hurtful—in the fact that even today a young Nina Simone would have a hard time being cast in her own biopic. In this sense, the creation of ‘Nina’ is not a neutral act. It is part of the problem.”

Nina Simone's Estate, Internet Go Off After Seeing 'Nina' Trailer

Much of the backlash has been directed at star Zoe Saldana, rather than the filmmakers.

The 'Nina' Biopic Now Has a Trailer


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Poster, Release Date for Zoe Saldana's Nina Simone Biopic

The disaster-plagued “Nina” will finally arrive in theaters on April 22. Will you watch?

Latino Celebs to GOP: 'There's No Coming Back From This'

Dolores Huerta, George Lopez, America Ferrera and more penned an open letter decrying xenophobic and divisive rhetoric from this year’s Republican presidential hopefuls.

Zoe Saldana to Xenophobes: “The Only True American Here is the Native American”

The actress had lots to say about the current immigration debate.

Zoe Saldana Says She Didn’t Think She Was 'Right For The Part' of Nina Simone

Zoe Saldana understands the backlash against her for playing Nina Simone, but says they ‘chose an artist who was willing to sacrife herself.’

Zoe Saldana Takes Issue With Hollywood White-Washing

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star warns people not to “throw rocks when we all live in glass houses.”

Zoe Saldana Calls LGBTQ Protest of Dolce & Gabbana 'Stupidest Thing Ever'

The actress takes no issue with D&G designers’ thoughts on what they call “synthetic children.”

Zoe Saldana's Nina Simone Biopic is in Trouble


A Personal Take on the Nina Simone Biopic's Casting Troubles

The unauthorized biopic of Nina Simone has been riddled with criticism for casting Mary J. Blige and, most recently, Zoe Saldana in the starring role. Here, an (admittedly sentimental) argument for why it’s a fail.

First Ever Cosmo for Latinas Issue Gets Zoe Saldana Cover

The magazine drops May 1.