WATCH: Muslim Youth Read Japanese-American Internees' Heartbreaking 'Letters From Camp'

The new video, sponsored by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, features Muslim-American youth and Japanese-American internment camp survivors.

WATCH: Native Youth Wrestle With Environmental Change in 'Children of the Arctic'

Stream the documentary via World Channel.

POLL: Young People Overwhelmingly Support Expanded Immigrant Rights

A Fusion poll finds that younger someone is, the more likley they are to have progressive views on immigration.

Michelle Obama to Native Youth: We Have Your Back

The First Lady addresses the first ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering.

Meet the Fastest Girl in the History of the World

Candace Hill—who’s just 16—may be on her way to the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. 

White Texas Teens Say Sorry for Lynching Freestyle

In the epithet-filled recording, two white girls from Grapevine, Tex., are heard rapping about killing black, Mexican and Asian people.

#BeyondFerguson Town Hall Puts Mayor in Hot Seat

NPR’s Michel Martin moderated a multi-racial forum held last night at a Ferguson church

The Latest On Youth Unemployment and Jobs

One in four blacks and one in six Latinos under the age of 25 can’t find a job

Calif. Leads on Making Crime Victims of Color Visible

Victims in high crime areas don’t receive as much attention as perpetrators

Suicide Crisis Continues Among Native Youth on Reservations

Native youth are more than three times more likely to commit suicide than any other group.

Watch What People Say to Teenage Girls on the Street

Young women in Philadelphia share their experiences with street harassment, some even being followed to school by strangers.

New Study Shows 15 Percent of Youth are Unemployed, Not in School

The Opportunity Index gives a start view of opportunities for youth in an increasingly economically depressed U.S.

Watch California Youth Respond to Trayvon, Oscar, and Israel

In a new music video produced by the Richmond, CA youth organization RYSE, young men of color connect with the recent deaths of three young men of color.

Applying for DACA? There's an App for That

Undocumented youth can get tips on applying for deferred action right from their cell phones.

Parents Complain After Child Forced to Reenact Slavery on a Field Trip

A middle school student in Connecticut was called the N-word and chased through the woods during a field trip organized by her school.

Seven Surprising Facts About Asian-American and Middle Eastern Boys

A new report from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy takes a rare look at an often overlooked subgroup of young people.

Minneapolis Teens Trade Hip-Hop Producing Training in Exchange for Homework

An after-school program set up by the North Community YMCA in Minneapolis gives young kids the opportunity to make rap music as a reward for keeping up with their schoolwork

Study Finds Latino Toddlers Make Up For Scholastic Shortcomings With Strong Social Skills

Mexican-American preschoolers start school way behind their white counterparts. But new research is showing that their social skills are fully developed and robust by the time they start school and are indistinguishable from their white peers.

Study Finds Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Among Fifth-Graders Across Country

Black children and Latino children fared worse than white children in almost every category.