Wyatt Cenac

Black man with black afro and beard in green jacket and light blue shirt holds red white and blue U.S. flag on brown flagpole in front of blue and grey background

Wyatt Cenac's New Late Night Show Explores America's 'Problem Areas'

“It felt like we could talk about something that, while it seems intractable, there are ways to make a difference that don’t just involve saying, ‘We’re going to wait for the midterms!’”

 Beyoncé and dancers raise their fists on stage, surrounded by fire and water

Beyoncé, Drake and Other Celebrities Condemn Police Violence and Racism

The back-to-back killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police this week stirred criticism and mourning from many prominent entertainers and creators.

Comedian Wyatt Cenac Talks New Projects, Painful Jokes and Being the Only Black Guy in the Room

The former “Daily Show” correspondent and writer’s got a new stand-up album, two new TV shows, and plenty to say about showbiz racism and power. 

VIDEO: Wyatt Cenac And Jon Stewart Seemingly Bury Conflict During 'Daily Show' Finale

The former “Daily Show” correspondent, who previously described an incident in which Jon Stewart cursed him out over criticism of a potentially-racist bit, appeared on the show’s finale and seemingly confirmed that there were no hard feelings. 

Wyatt Cenac Told to 'F*** Off' by Jon Stewart Over 'Daily Show' Racial Caricature Bit

The comedian and former “Daily Show” correspondent opened up on “WTF with Marc Maron” about a moment when Jon Stewart reacted beligerently to Cenac’s suggestion that a bit was racist. 

3 Reasons You Should Go See 'An Oversimplification of Her Beauty'

It’s probably one of the most unconventional love stories you’ll see on screen this year.

Celebrities Don Fedoras to Push Immigration Reform

Photographer Albert Watson shoots portraits of celebrities wearing fedoras as part of a new campaign to promote immigration reform.