World AIDS Day

Trans flag

WATCH: Transgender People Share Their Stories for World AIDS Day

“We are living in a world where if you do contract HIV, it’s a chronic but treatable disease, not a death sentence—unless you are a poor, transgender person of color.”

Jussie and Jurnee Smollett on World AIDS Day: ‘You Can’t Pick and Choose When Black Lives Matter’

On World AIDS Day, the actors and activists discuss the importance of advocating for the lives of Black people in all arenas.

Fighting HIV/AIDS Stigma the Red Shoe Way

Humor blogger and Red Pump Project co-founder Luvvie Ajayi blends fun and fashion with the serious topic of HIV/AIDS and stigma.

What the AIDS Epidemic Still Reveals About Us [Infographic]

Progress must be noted and celebrated. But as the data suggests, the AIDS epidemic continues to reflect this nation’s most fundamental inequities.

December 1 is World AIDS Day, Find Events Near You

Every year World AIDS Day events take place across the country to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV.

It's World AIDS Day. What Are You Gonna Do to Stop This Madness?

Thirty years later, we know a great deal about HIV/AIDS and have significant tools for stopping it from killing us. Now, we just gotta use them. Here’s a list for getting started.

Janelle Monae, Serena Williams Sign Off Twitter for AIDS Charity

It’s a problematic effort toward raising awareness.