Study Finds Sexism in STEM Hits Women of Color the Hardest

Harvard Business Review survey shows that Asian, Latino and Black women are at a much higher risk than white women for being pushed out of the STEM field by their colleagues’ biases. 

NPR's Michel Martin Does Not Want You to Check Your Privilege

She wants you to use it.

Transgender Workers in the U.S. Still Face a Bleak Landscape

Only 34 states have law protecting transgender people in the workplace, and a new map and report show just how many barriers they have to equitable employment.

Why ENDA is an Urgent Issue for People of Color

If it becomes law, the Employee Nondiscrimination Act could be a vital tool for LGBT people of color who may already face race-based discrimination in the workplace

Walmart is Nation's #1 Employer of Latinos, and Also Big Funders of Anti-Immigrant Efforts

They found the vast majority of recipients of funding voted against the DREAM Act, supported E-verify, immigrant detention, and militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Why You Shouldn't Line Up For Walmart's Black Friday Deals

The kickoff to the national holiday shopping frenzy has now officially merged with Thanksgiving day itself, with Walmart leading the Thanksgiving evening creep by opening its doors at 10pm on Thursday this week.

Latino Worker Cooked to Death in Bumble Bee Tuna Cooker

Jose Malena died last Thursday when he became trapped inside the industrial-size pressure cooker and his family claims the company has offered no explanation to them.

U.S. Workers' Field of Employment Organized by Place of Birth, Illustrated

One in six U.S. workers was born somewhere else.

A Guide to the U.S.' Worst Restaurants for Workers

A guide to America’s worst restaurants for workers.

Feds: Bias Against Transgender Employees Is Sex Discrimination

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says Mia Macy, a transgender federal employee, can in fact file a bias claim under Title VII after being denied a job her gender identity.