White Supremacist

A white man holds a red white blue and black flag with white supremacist symbols and the acronym "USA"

In Trump's America, Survivors of Hate Violence Share Their Stories

Civil rights attorney Arjun Singh Sethi’s new book, “American Hate,” is a compelling collection of testimonies from survivors of hate violence.

White text reading "Electionland" under red-white-and-blue flag with white check instead of stars, all against black background with light American flag tracing

ProPublica Calls For People To Document Voter Harassment and Interference On Election Day

The publication’s “Electionland” project seeks participants willing to help expose “anything that jeopardizes an orderly and fair election.”

Police in black riot gear by yellow and black crime scene tape, with a pool of red blood on the ground

Violence Breaks Out Between Neo-Nazis and Opponents in California

At least five people endured stab wounds durng Sunday’s clash.

Charleston Shooter's Trial Delayed Until Next Year

Dylann Roof faces the death penalty for killing nine Black worshippers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Chuch in Charleston, South Carolina, last year.  

PBS Explains Why It Didn't Acknowledge Trump Supporter's Alleged White Supremacist Tattoos

“Ms. Tilly argues that these tattoos are not representative of neo-Nazi positions, but are connected to her family’s Celtic religious beliefs.”

White Supremacist Craig Cobb Arrested for Terrorizing Neighbors

The man aiming to create a white supremacist haven in Leith, N.D. is being held without bail after threatening neighbors during armed patrols.

North Dakota Town Keeps Battling White Supremacist

Residents and local government in Leith, N.D., are taking legal measures to stop Craig Cobb from building a white power enclave in their town.

White Supremacist Aims to Create Colony in North Dakota Small Town

Paul Craig Cobb has been buying up property in the small town of Leith, North Dakota over the past two years.