Proposed Welfare Drug Testing Bill Tells Poor to Sign Away Rights

A week after a federal appeals court ruled against a Florida law that required welfare recipients to pass a drug test, a Republican congressman reintroduced similar legislation at the federal level.

Texas Governor Wants Welfare, Unemployment Applicants To Pee In A Cup

Texas is poised to join the drug-testing bandwagon.

Romney Enlists Gingrich on Welfare-Bashing Kick

Romney has positioned welfare as his newest line of attack, bringing his former primary rival on to serve as head assault dog.

Georgia's Political Cudgel Against the Poor: Drug Testing

Georgia followed Florida’s example in forcing safety-net recipients to get drug tests, despite the fact that neither law is likely to stand up in court. Why? Because actual policymaking was never the point.

Why Tea Party Lawmakers Are Trying to Conflate Poverty and Drug Addiction

Since 2010, a new meme has spread to dozens of states: Drug testing people who apply for safety net benefits. The goal is to change economic debates into a culture war over who does and does not deserve help.