Washington D.C. NFL Team

Not Your Mascot rally. Three women hold signs with images of Native American man wearing traditional feathered headdress and a red sign going through it.

Protesters Remind Washington D.C. NFL Team That Indigenous People Are 'Not Your Mascot'

“There is no honor in racism.”

Black man with big beard in navy Cleveland Indians uniform

READ: Now That The Cleveland Indians Dropped Its Racist Logo, What's Next?

The Atlantic argues that the choice should make it easier for other teams to follow suit.

Protesters hold signs

Cleveland Indians to Drop Chief Wahoo Logo

National Congress of American Indians: “Washington Owner Dan Snyder needs to look at Cleveland’s move and then look in the mirror.”

Four Asian men in black, grey, red and white formal wear against silver railing and black background with yellow lights

SCOTUS Rules That Government Can't Censor Offensive Trademarks

Even if they disparage an ethnicity or race.

Four Asian men in black, grey, red and white formal wear against silver railing and black background with yellow lights

APIA Rockers The Slants Take Name Trademark Battle to the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s decision on Lee v. Tam could impact the trademark battles of the Washington NFL team and other entities with names based on racist stereotypes.

Small Poll of Native Americans Says Washington NFL Team's Name Isn't Offensive, Activists Disagree

Change The Mascot campaign: “Here’s what’s objective fact: Every major tribal organization in America, over 100, have come out and supported changing the name.”

Washington NFL Team Asks SCOTUS to Rule on Trademark Case

A federal appeals court is currently considering the legality of the team’s offensive name and related images.

Bomani Jones' Most Hilarious Clapbacks to People Who Hate His 'Caucasians' Shirt

The host of ESPN’s “The Right Time With Bomani Jones” wore a shirt on television that called out the pro sports industry for its racist mascots. Critics reacted. So did Jones. We’re still laughing.

Cam Newton: 'I’m an African-American Quarterback That May Scare a Lot of People'

The Carolina Panthers quarterback dropped hard truths during a recent interview. 

California Bans Sports Teams from Using the R-word

Assemblyman Luis Alejo who introduced the measure: “This bill is about respect. Respect for every culture and every person, and Native Americans should not be left out.” 

Cheyenne River Sioux Say No to Washington NFL Team Donations

Washington NFL Team tries to buy absolution, Cheyenne River Souix Tribal Council says no.

Poll: Half of Americans Surveyed Think Washington NFL Team’s Name is A-OK

And the NFL is bankrolling the team’s fight to hold on to its trademark.

Washington NFL Team's Trademarks Cancelled by Federal Ruling

Yet another blow in the battle for its racist name. 

Thousands Protest Washington, D.C., NFL Team Name

The Minnesota Vikings played host to Dan Snyder’s team amid the long-planned protests.

Matthew McConaughey Defends Washington, D.C., NFL Team Name

The actor says the logo gives him ‘a little fire and some oomph.’

The Daily Show Airs 'Tense' Segment on Washington Team Name [VIDEO]

‘Aren’t you being a little sensitive?’

Etsy Bans Use of Washington NFL Team Name and Logo

‘The fact remains that Native Americans themselves find the term unacceptable.’

The Case Against Washington, D.C.'s NFL Team Grows as Season Kicks Off

Is Dan Snyder listening?

Here's How NFL Owner Dan Snyder Bought Off the D.C. Media

It ain’t pretty.

Report: Native American Team Mascots Harm Native American Youth

Mascots directly impact the self-esteem and mental health of Native American youth.