Voting Rights Act

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What You Need to Know About the Voter ID Law SCOTUS Refused to End

Native Americans say the North Dakota law was designed to keep them from the polls and violates the Voting Rights Act, the U.S. Constitution and the state Constitution. The Supreme Court just declined to get involved.

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Florida Lawsuit Seeks Bilingual Ballots for Puerto Ricans Who Fled Hurricane Maria

Several advocacy organizations say elected officials in Florida are violating the voting rights of tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who moved to the mainland after the devastating hurricane.

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ICYMI: NAACP LDF Asks Texas to Accommodate Voters Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

“The Texas code already recognizes that a natural disaster is an extenuating circumstance necessitating accommodations.”

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ICYMI: Judge Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law as Discriminatory, Again

“It imposes burdens disproportionately on Blacks and Latinos.”

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Calls Alabama DMV Office Closures 'A Blast From The Jim Crow Past'

The Democratic presidential candidate penned an op-ed in the Birmingham News,  coinciding with her campaign stop in Alabama, criticizing the closure of centers where black citizens most frequently obtain the ID they need to vote.

Bernie Sanders Announces Racial Justice Policy

On the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announces plan that addresses “the four central types of violence waged against black and brown Americans.”

Federal Appeals Court Weakens Texas' Discriminatory Voter ID Law

Court says the law discriminates against people of color and the poor but stops short of saying the state did it on purpose.

Hillary Clinton Calls For Sweeping Voting Reform

Hillary Clinton calls for an overhaul of American voting system, including automatic universal registration.

For the Supreme Court, New Term Means Renewed Attacks on Civil Rights Legislation

Brace yourself.

What's Good--and Bad--About the New Voting Rights Act

The new amendment to the Voting Rights Act explained

The Voting Rights Act Fix is In

Civil rights group are giving the bill some side-eye for failing to recognize voter ID laws.

What Will Virginia's New Governor Do About Felony Disenfranchisement?

Virginia just dodged a bullet to voting rights by electing McAuliffe over Cuccinelli. But how far will the new governor actually go to restore felons’ ability to vote?

Lawyers Want $2 Million For Gutting Voting Rights Act

Law firm that helped gut the Voting Rights Act wants millions for their work.

Holder Now Aims to Sue North Carolina Over Voter ID Law

Holder may seek to bail North Carolina back into federal “preclearance” oversight

Congress May Fix the Voting Rights Act This Year. Here's Why

Wanna bet that Congress restores key functions of the Voting Rights Act before New Years?

'One Man, One Vote' a Major Theme at March on Washington Anniversary

The call to strengthen voting rights was a prominent feature of the 50th anniversary rally.

Attorney General Holder Will Sue Texas Over Voter ID Law

Eric Holder delivers a two-fisted lawsuit to Texas today over its voter ID and redistricting plans.

Reasons to Hope on the Voting Rights Act's 48th Anniversary

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, after months of civil rights organizing, sit-ins, bloodshed and deaths compelled the federal government to intervene in the struggle against Southern states that were denying African Americans the ballot.

Obama Reassures on Voting Rights Protections

President Obama brings Holder and former civil rights division director Thomas Perez to a meeting with civil rights advocates on the Voting Rights Act.

DOJ To Sue Texas Under Voting Rights Act 'Bail-In' Provision

As we reported shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act’s Section Five, Texas could still face “preclearance” – federal review of election changes to ensure disenfranchisement won’t result –  under the Section Three “bail-in” provision.