Voting Rights

[Video] John Oliver: The Other People of Color Barred From Voting

The racist roots of why people of color living in U.S. territories still can’t vote.

50 Years After 'Bloody Sunday': Remembering the Activists Behind the Scenes

A look at the students and teachers who helped lead the fight for black voting rights in 1965.

Meet the Preacher Behind "Moral Mondays" in NC

Rev William Barber is inspiring a lot of people

Kentucky Debates Easing Felony Disenfranchisement Laws

Advocates anticipate victory.

Oprah to Produce Ava DuVernay's Voting Rights Film 'Selma'

DuVernay took over directing duties from Lee Daniels, who faced numerous challenges in financing the project.

Florida's Upcoming Race-Tested Special Election

The March 11 Florida race for an empty congressional seat will be a sign of the political and racial temperatures in the state.

DC's Non-Citizens Could Get Right To Vote

The bill, if passed, will affect up to 50,000 District of Columbia residents.

Yelp! Joins ALEC Amidst Ongoing Criticism

At least 50 corporations and nonprofits have severed ties with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), but Yelp! is just getting on board.

Parting Words From Resigning NAACP President Ben Jealous

NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund also loses civil rights pillar in attorney Debo Adebile, who is now counsel for the U.S. Senate judiciary committee.

Five Decisions to Watch From the Supreme Court

The high court’s decisions will affect the future of affirmative action, voting rights, tribal sovereignty, and marriage equality.

Virginia Governor Will Restore Nonviolent Felons' Voting Rights

Virginians with nonviolent felons no longer have to wait two years and apply for rights restoration, but violent felons still have to wait.

North Carolina Election Board Drops 56 HBCU Students From Voter Rolls Under Dubious Cause

Close to 60 students at the historically black Elizabeth City State University were targeted by a county Republican Party chair who challenged their voter status for questionable reasons

True the Vote is Reloaded, Still Firing Blanks on Voter Fraud

True the Vote appears to be expanding, but their impact is contracting.

Virginia Governor Says Restore Voting Rights for Nonviolent Felon Offenders

Gov. Bob McDonnell throws support behind two GOP-sponsored bills to automatically restore some felons’ rights.

Voting Rights Haven't Gotten Such Attention Since 1965. What Did We Learn?

From early voting to poll watching, felony disenfranchisement to redistricting, 10 lessons from an election season in which voting itself was hotly debated.

The 2012 Attack on Voting Rights Isn't Racist--Just Ask Artur Davis

The black former congressman has emerged as the tea party’s new best friend, because he insists his colleagues in the southern Black Belt are the real threat to voting rights.

Comedy Central's 'Indecision' Meets Undocubus

Comedy Central’s ‘Indecision’ caught up with the Undocubus riders who traveled from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC to urge the Obama administration to stop criminalizing immigrant communities.

The Racial Politics Behind the Right Wing's Poll-Watching

A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice spells out the hyper-partisan and racially charged impact of efforts to police the polls in November.

Ohio's Jon Husted, the New Bad Boy on the Voting Rights Block

In a state already plagued by voting problems, the secretary of state is working hard to close, rather than open access to the polls.

Court Cases Continue to Decide Future of Voting Rights

This week’s updates on early voting, voter ID, and the power of marginalized voters.