Voter Fraud

Romney Family Invests in 'Faulty' Voting Machines That Will be Used in Ohio

It’s clear Ohio will be the decider so this is definitely something worth watching.

The 2012 Attack on Voting Rights Isn't Racist--Just Ask Artur Davis

The black former congressman has emerged as the tea party’s new best friend, because he insists his colleagues in the southern Black Belt are the real threat to voting rights.

LIVE CHAT: Reporters on the Threat to Voting Rights in 2012

Watch–and join–a conversation about the 2012 elections and the growing rightwing attack on the right to vote.

Infographic: True the Vote's Spreading Campaign to Intimidate Voters in 2012

An interactive map of how one Tea Party group is moving the voter fraud meme inside far right and Republican Party politics.

What's Ahead in the 'Voting Wars'? Certainly Not Peace.

A conversation with election law expert Richard Hasen on the true scope of voter fraud, the power of the ACORN myth and John Roberts’ scary interest in the Voting Rights Act.