Violence Against Women Act

Immigrants and their supporters rally in New York City during a protest against recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids on February 16, 2017.

It Is Now Easier To Deport Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Trafficking

Jason Boyd of the American Immigration Lawyers Association: “In effect, USCIS could throw survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking into deportation proceedings for the very act of seeking protection from their abusers and captors.”

Seven Important Facts About the Violence Against Women Act at 20

This groundbreaking piece of legislation has shaped two decades of anti-violence work. Here are some vital things to consider about its evolution.

Do Women Have More to Lose If Immigration Reform Dies?

Non-citizen women are three to six times more likely to experience domestic violence than those born in the U.S. As immigration reform efforts stall, those women are left out in the cold.

GOP Finally Stopped Blocking Violence Against Women Act

The legislation that assists victims of domestic and sexual violence passed on a vote of 286 to 138, with 199 Democrats joining 87 Republicans to reauthorize the 1994 law.

Jeremy Lin Teams Up With Barack Obama and Joe Biden to 'End Violence' Against Women

David Beckham, Eli Manning and Jeremy Lin are among several athletes who joined the star-studded anti-domestic violence ad released by the White House Thursday.

How the Right's Using Women of Color to Shame Abuse Survivors

In our efforts to secure the Violence Against Women Act, we can’t overlook some of the less publicized ways it can criminalize people of color.