White man in black suit with navy-and-white-striped tie next to Black man in black sweatshirt and gold necklace against group of White people in brown elevator

Kanye West Tweets About His Meeting With Donald Trump

West shocked the world by meeting with Trump during one of his first public appearances since his release from UCLA Medical Center.

White man stands at podium among crowd

WATCH: This Video Takes You Inside The Shocking Violence of a Trump Rally

From the n-word to the anti-immigrant threats, this dispatch from The New York Times is NSFW.

Police in black riot gear by yellow and black crime scene tape, with a pool of red blood on the ground

Violence Breaks Out Between Neo-Nazis and Opponents in California

At least five people endured stab wounds durng Sunday’s clash.

Valdosta State Students Kicked Out of On-Campus Trump Rally Tell Their Side

The students, some members of the campus’ NAACP chapter, recount how police ejected them from the February 29 rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. They say they were watching quietly, not protesting. 

Donald Trump Supporters Attack Black Lives Matter Activist at Campaign Event. Trump Calls the Beating Victim 'Obnoxious And Loud.'

Add this to Trump’s endless list of vitriolic, racist and racially tinged statements. 

Killer Mike Educates Bill Maher On The Peaceful History Of Hip-Hop

Killer Mike has something to say to those who blame the world’s violence on hip-hop.

Aniya Parker and an Epidemic of Violence Against Transgender Women of Color

Parker is the eighth transgender woman of color to be killed since the begining of June.

The PTSD Crisis That's Plaguing America's Poorest Neighborhoods

And the hospitals that aren’t equipped to deal with it.

About Islan Nettles

As the clock tick tocks on the Islan Nettles case a message is being sent: Transwomen of color’s lives don’t matter.