Unemployment Rate

Virginia Latest State to Ban-the-Box on Employment Apps

Good news for families dependent on men and women with criminal records

Unemployment Stats Paint a Dangerously Incomplete Picture

The latest U.S. jobs report puts unemployment at a low 5.9 percent. But this number doesn’t reflect what’s really going on in millions of people’s lives.

Black Unemployment Almost Double the National Average

The jobs report indicates that the economy is still figuring out how to recover.

New Study Shows 15 Percent of Youth are Unemployed, Not in School

The Opportunity Index gives a start view of opportunities for youth in an increasingly economically depressed U.S.

Jobs Report Still Bleak for Black Workers Under 30

The U.S. economy added 157,000 jobs in January, according to a Labor Department report released Friday.

August Jobs Report Shows Stubbornly High Black and Brown Unemployment

The jobs report only adds to the curiosity of President Obama’s silence on Black and Latino unemployment.

Honestly, the Jobs Outlook Is Bleak Because the GOP Wants It That Way

Yes, the president must do much more, but his jobs proposals if fully implemented would have put millions back to work by now–including in hard-hit black communities. The problem is petty politics, not economic policy.

Obama Was Right. It's the (Public Sector) Economy, Stupid

This weekend, President Obama took a beating for declaring the private sector “fine.” But he was correct. The real jobs crisis is in the public sector, and Obama’s the only one with a plan to fix it. Turns out, that’s also the only real plan to deal with black joblessness.

The U.S. Jobs Crisis Summed Up: If You Fail To Plan, You Plan to Fail

Today’s jobs report tells most Americans already what they already know: We’re still mired in joblessness. But Imara Jones argues we should really fear the larger problem: There remains no plan for getting unstuck.

Asian Americans Suffer Most from Long-Term Unemployment

For the past two years, Asian Americans have had the highest share of unemployed workers who were unemployed long term.

April's Unemployment Numbers: Youth Pushed Into Low-Wage Service Jobs

Teens faced the highest unemployment rate in April.

Reality Returns: Huge Black Job Gains Disappear in February Report

The sudden, sharp drop in black unemployment that set economists buzzing in January appears to have in fact been so much statistical noise. The February 2012 job numbers are out and black unemployment went right back up, to 14.1 percent (roughly double that of white unemployment, a disparity that has held for decades).