Frank Ocean in black suit with white shirt and black tie

READ: Frank Ocean's Poignant Lament on Pulse Massacre, Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

The reclusive artist referenced Orlando and the North Carolina anti-trans bathroom bill in a new Tumblr post.

Black Artists Pay Tribute To Prince

From Spike Lee’s block party to Erykah Badu’s lengthy Facebook tribute, see how some of your favorite musicians and artists honored The Purple One’s passing. 

Joy Alert! The ‘Big Gal’ Yogi You Should be Following on Instagram

Valerie S., a 28-year-old Filipina and Mexican installation artist, has built a huge following with stunning photos of her yoga practice and her body-loving philosophy. Namaste!

Native Feminism, White Women Passing and the Sad Tale of Andrea Smith

The Rachel Dolezal fraud has led to mainstream scrutinizing about Andrea Smith, an icon of Native American feminism long accused of being a white woman passing as Cherokee. A look at the not-new, not-easy issues right beneath the surface.

Laverne Cox Said a Mouthful About Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

“[T]his has made me reflect critically on my own desires to ‘work a photo shoot,’ to serve up various forms of glamour, power, sexiness, body affirming, racially empowering images of the various sides of my black, trans womanhood,” she posted on Tumblr.

Saved by the bell hooks Tumblr as Great as It Sounds

“Feminism is for everybody!”

There's an Adorable Tumblr Dedicated to Queer Men of Color in Love

We so rarely see positive representations of men of color and that’s why this is all the more important to share.

FUN: An Illustrated Account of Jay Z's 99 Problems

Because even rappers have bad days.

'We Are Not Trayvon Martin' Tumblr Explores White Privilege

Because not everyone faces the same danger.

I'm Here: Showing Support for Immigrant Women

A new Tumblr campaign urges allies to show their support for migrant women. And you can join. Here’s how.

A Satirical Step-by-Step Guide to How to be a Reverse Racist

An actual step by step list for oppressing white people.

'Little Known Black History Facts' Talks Outside the Family. So What?

“It’s not in my job description as a black woman to never laugh about my history,” says Tracy Clayton, the humorist behind the Tumblr.

A Tumblr With Racist Political Ads, Sorted by Who They're Racist Against

A Tumblr that launched recently collects racist, sexist and homophobic political ads, and organizes them neatly for you by who the ad is “racist against.”

'Yo, Is This Racist?' Andrew Ti's Tumblr Has Your (Hilarious) Answer

Andrew Ti has no qualifications to answer the internet’s race questions, besides common sense and a string of curse words. And maybe that’s enough.

"Privilege Denying Dude" and the Fight for the Right to Snark

Diana Lopez starts a Web meme in which the joke, for once, is on the white guy. Plus, the Internet’s best social justice smart asses.

Tumblr for Juan: Muslims Wear the Season's Hottest New Looks, Too

Here’s hoping haters have Tumblr accounts.