True the Vote

Why You Should Be Very Afraid of This Year's Ballot Bullies

The scrutinization of True the Vote, and their voter-stalking Tea Party co-signers across the nation, is growing. Today, Common Cause and Demos released a report called “[Bullies at the Ballot Box](” that raises awareness about groups who determined to challenge voters at the polls, even at risk of intimidating voters away from the polls. Says the report: > As we approach the 2012 elections, every indication is that we will see an unprecedented use of voter challenges.

Tea Party Confab Plans Voter Intimidation at the Polls [Audio]

voting_rights_thumb_42512.pngA Tea Party group who gained notoriety in recent elections for harassing and intimidating Houston voters has spun off into an organization called “True the Vote.” It plans to swarm polling stations nationwide on election day, with claims to be working to “protect minorities” from voter fraud.