True the Vote

Local Election Officials Show Bias Against Latino Voters, Especially on Voter ID

Local election officials were three-and-a-half to four-times more likely to respond to the emails that came from the non-Latino name, Greg Walsh, than the Latino name, Luis Rodriguez.

Voter Suppression Group Sues IRS For Delaying Their Voter Suppression

True the Vote is suing the IRS because the government agency dared to look into their voter suppression activity

True the Vote Says It Was Singled Out by IRS

“This is what the beginning of tyranny looks like,” the group’s leader told

True the Vote is Reloaded, Still Firing Blanks on Voter Fraud

True the Vote appears to be expanding, but their impact is contracting.

Tea Party Crowd's Answer for Why Romney Lost? Voter Fraud!

An idea is spreading on the right that Republicans are unfairly constrained by a court ruling that bars the party from targeting “ballot security” measures at communities of color.

Watch Colorado Poll Watcher Report 'High Concentration of People of Color'

A Republican poll watcher complains that too many people of color were voting in Aurora, Colorado on Election Day.

Tea Party Group Blocks Florida Voters, Stops Water Handouts at Polls

A Tampa group has filed dozens of last-minute voter challenges, in a troubling indication of ramped up suppression efforts. Meanwhile, as record turnout forced long lines, poll watchers have cried foul over bottled water.

DOJ Monitoring Early Voting in True the Vote's Homebase

DOJ coming to True the Vote’s crib to monitor elections.

A True Army Responds to True the Vote Threats

Civil Rights attorneys and researchers strike back against True the Vote and their phantom voter fraud menace.

Is True the Vote Shaking Down States With Nuisance Lawsuits?

The battered group’s poll watching “army” is on the retreat, but is it now trying to cash in through harassing state election officials?

Are True the Vote's Poll Watching Activities Illegal?

Rep. Elijah Cummings and law experts say if they are targeting people of color, a court could find True the Vote operations unlawful.

Why You Should Be Very Afraid of This Year's Ballot Bullies

The scrutinization of True the Vote, and their voter-stalking Tea Party co-signers across the nation, is growing. Today, Common Cause and Demos released a report called “Bullies at the Ballot Box” that raises awareness about groups who determined to challenge voters at the polls, even at risk of intimidating voters away from the polls. Says the report:

The Racial Politics Behind the Right Wing's Poll-Watching

A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice spells out the hyper-partisan and racially charged impact of efforts to police the polls in November.

How the Tea Party's Building a 'Poll Watcher' Network for November

True the Vote began as a small outfit in Houston three years ago. Now, its agenda for intimidating voters reaches all across the country.

Infographic: True the Vote's Spreading Campaign to Intimidate Voters in 2012

An interactive map of how one Tea Party group is moving the voter fraud meme inside far right and Republican Party politics.

Tea Party Confab Plans Voter Intimidation at the Polls [Audio]

voting_rights_thumb_42512.pngA Tea Party group who gained notoriety in recent elections for harassing and intimidating Houston voters has spun off into an organization called “True the Vote.” It plans to swarm polling stations nationwide on election day, with claims to be working to “protect minorities” from voter fraud.

Voter Suppression Groups Plot a Million-Person Army to Swarm Polls

The campaign’s leader described how voters should feel while under the gaze of its observers: “Like driving and seeing the police following you.” The right casts this as the real civil rights battle of our time.