Troy Davis

Troy Davis' Nephew is Raising Money for Second Year at Morehouse

De’Juan Davis-Correia is majoring in engineering.

Ben Jealous to Donate Part of $100,000 Puffin/Nation Prize to Troy Davis' Nephew

The Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship goes to individuals who have “challenged the status quo through distinctive, courageous, imaginative, and socially responsible work of significance.”

Georgia Set to Execute First Inmate Since Troy Davis, and He's Disabled

The case is making international headlines because Hill has an undisputed intellectual disability.

Antone De'Jaun Correia Writes Obituary For His Uncle, Troy Davis

On the heels of mounting losses in his family, the brave 17-year-old publishes an obituary remembering his uncle for the wisdom and love he showed others while in prison.

A Sister Who Fought for Her Brother's Life, While Clinging to Her Own

Troy Davis’s sister, Martina Davis-Correia, lost her battle with cancer last week. She always considered their twin fight for life intertwined. “Twin struggles,” she said. “Twin souls.” Jen Marlowe remembers Martina’s courage and love.

Support for Death Penalty Falls to a 39-Year-Low After Troy Davis

Support for the penalty is down, according to a Gallup Poll. Republicans, men, whites and those living in the South and Midwest more like to support it, while people under 30 are more likely to oppose.

Troy Davis's Last Words: 'Continue To Fight This Fight'

Troy Davis’s last words moments before his execution: “All that I can ask is that each of you look deeper into this case, so that you really will finally see the truth.”

Making Room for Racial Justice in the People Power Exploding Around Us

Bringing our movements together is key to re-conceiving the American Dream.

Troy Davis's Legacy: A New, Deeply Personal Movement

Thousands of young, black men and women in the South are declaring “I am Troy Davis” as if their lives depend on it. And they do. The fight against systemic racism in the justice system may have finally exploded out of the courts and into the community.

Where Were You When Troy Davis was Killed? [Reader Forum]

A roundup of our Troy Davis pieces from last week, and reader reactions to his execution and to the movement’s next steps.

Beyond Troy Davis: How Race Colors Death Row 'Justice'

Troy Davis’s execution is an outrage, but it’s a bracingly typical one. Here’s a detailed look at how race shapes who ends up on death row and with life sentences in the U.S.

William Jelani Cobb Reports from the Prison Gates

The historian and author spent seven hours outside of the prison where Troy Davis was executed last night. Here, he describes the mood of the crowd, the police reaction and he weighs in on why Obama didn’t step in.

Wanna Make Troy Davis the Last Death Penalty Victim? Here's How to Start

As people across the globe mourn the death of Troy Davis, it’s time to recognize and support groups that are working to abolish capital punishment.

A Wrenching Night of Global Solidarity as Georgia Kills Troy Davis

As the world watched, hundreds gathered outside the prison where Troy Davis was killed last night. They prayed for a more humane and equitable criminal justice system. Now that Davis is slain, the question is how to make that reform real.

The Long, Murderous Arm of the Law Has Killed Troy Davis

Tonight, we mourn not only Davis’s life, but all of those lives that have been destroyed and taken in the name of a criminally unjust system of law and order.

Kim Kardashian, Big Boi and the Celebrity Outcry to Save Troy Davis

Kim Kardashian surprised many by telling her 10 million followers she believes Troy Davis is innocent, joining other high profile figures who’ve added their names to the cause.

Where Does the Racialized Pro-Life Movement Stand on Troy Davis?

The abortion-as-black-genocide lobby is conspicuously silent in the life-or-death case of an acutal person outside of the womb.

A Circle of Prayer for Troy Davis--and the Country That Would Kill Him

As Georgia prepares to kill Troy Davis tonight, he and his family fight on for justice. “The struggle for justice doesn’t end with me,” he tells his supporters. “This struggle is for all the Troy Davis’s who came before me and all the ones who will come after me.”

Breaking: Georgia Parole Board Denies Clemency for Troy Davis

The board decided Tuesday morning to deny Davis clemency, despite increasing doubt in his case.

Supporters Rally to Save Troy Davis Days Before Scheduled Execution

Time is running out for Troy Davis, the death row inmate who many believe is innocent. Here’s a list of rallies happening across the country to save his life.