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Lupita Nyong'o Produces, Stars in Adaptation of Trevor Noah's 'Born a Crime'

Nyong’o will play Noah’s mother in the film version of his memoir, which explores his upringing in apartheid-era South Africa.

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WATCH: The Daily Show Breaks Down What Could Get the President to Take Climate Change Seriously

Trevor Noah’s solution to getting the president on board? Potential harm to his real estate property.

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WATCH: Trevor Noah Breaks Down Trump's First 100 Days

President Donald Trump recently said that the 100-day mark is an “artificial barrier” that doesn’t apply to him because his is a “different kind of presidency.” The host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” isn’t so sure.

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August Wilson, Barry Jenkins, Donald Glover Nominated for WGA Awards

The Writers Guild of America’s dual awards ceremonies will take place in New York City and Los Angeles on February 19.

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President Barack Obama Addresses Trump, Racism on 'The Daily Show'

The president also explains why you should sign up for Obamacare while you still can.

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Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Interview, Addresses Photo Controversy on 'The Breakfast Club'

“The Daily Show” host and “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamagne Tha God both faced criticism from people who say they indulged the conservative pundit’s anti-Black perspective.

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WATCH: Trevor Noah Dismantles Argument of Guest Who Says She Doesn't See Color

Conservative talkshow host Tomi Lahren has previously equated the Black Lives Matter movement with the Ku Klux Klan.

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ICYMI: Watch Trevor Noah Go Off on Donald Trump in Blistering Rant

“The greatest country in the world is the country that accepts people who come in from everywhere in the world, Mr. Donald Trump.”

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Trevor Noah Agrees With Trump, Says Election is Rigged

The Daily Show Host: “I know that this systemic level of election rigging must have come as a shock to Americans. Because had Americans known, surely the world’s greatest democracy would have done something about it by now.”

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Jessica Williams Leaves 'The Daily Show' for Her Own Program

Williams was the show’s youngest—and only Black and female—correspondent.

‘The Daily Show’ Claps Back at ‘Ferguson Effect’ Myth

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah: “People claim that the police are unable to do their jobs because they’re afraid of being caught doing their jobs badly. And this is a big problem, unless you deal in facts. In which case it’s not actually a problem.”

WATCH: Eddie Murphy Accepts Mark Twain Award, Lampoons Cosby

The heralded comedian and actor was recognized with the Mark Twain Award for Humor on Monday night. Check out a clip from his acceptance speech. 

Indiana's Discrimination Law, Iran Talks, Trevor Noah's Tweets

Some of today’s big headlines

Meet Trevor Noah, New Host of 'The Daily Show'

Soweto-born comic has departing host Jon Stewart’s enthusiastic cosign.