Tracy K. Smith

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Tracy K. Smith's Poetry Podcast Invites Listeners to 'Slowdown'

The United States poet laureate calls her new podcast and radio show “a perfect medium for talking about the very real and natural ways that poems speak to the daily experience of being alive.”

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Tracy K. Smith Goes Operatic With 'Castor and Patience'

The Cincinnati Opera commissioned the United States poet laureate to develop a work based on her story about two cousins arguing over the future of inherited land.

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How Tracy K. Smith Uses Poetry to Confront Racial Injustice

The New York Times Magazine followed the U.S. poet laureate as she toured the South, using poetry to launch conversations about racism. 

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Tracy K. Smith Named 22nd U.S. Poet Laureate

Smith earned a Pulitzer Prize for her 2011 outer space-inspired poetry collection, “Life on Mars.”