Will Ferrell. White man dressed as a Native American sitting at a dinner table.

WATCH: 'Saturday Night Live' Parodies the 'First Thanksgiving'

SNL addresses colonization, immigration and racism in a sketch that includes no actual Native Americans.

Indigenous people in multicolored clothing holding ceremonial flags and black and red and yellow flag of the American Indian Movement in front of brown rocky terrain and pink sky

Unthanksgiving: Indigenous People's Sunrise Ceremony Honors Resistance Over Revisionism

The annual gathering pays tribute to the original residents of Alcatraz Island and the coalition of Indigenous activists who occupied it from 1969 to 1971.

Illustration of six foods, rendered in red, yellow and green hues on white plates and bowls underneath black text on light pink background

READ: How People of Color Make Thanksgiving Their Own

People of color across the country embrace the family-centric message of Thanksgiving by incorporating their own food and culture into the day.

Seal with purple and gold text and insignia and brown and green images on white background

Four Centuries After the First Thanksgiving, the Mashpee Wampanoag Fight to Reclaim Their Language

The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, whose ancestors dined with Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, created a language immersion school to preserve its heritage.

George Takei, wearing a black jacket, stands next to a Japanese-American grandmother wearing a brown jacket and white scarf.

That Time George Takei and Grandma Satako Saved Thanksgiving

A Donald Trump surrogate recently compared the president-Elect’s Muslim registry plan to Japanese-American internment during World War II. Contributor Sophie Sarkar reflects on this political moment through a heartwarming story about her grandmother meeting fellow internee George Takei after a Thanksgiving showing of his Broadway musical, “Allegiance.”

Colorlines screenshot of New York City Stands with Standing Rock Collective website, taken on November 21, 2016.

#StandingRockSyllabus Gives Historical, Political Context to Pipeline Battle

Reading materials in PDFs? Check. Timeline? Check. Historical maps? Check.

WATCH: Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is Wrong

From massacres to Abraham Lincoln’s role in the celebration, the real deal on Thanksgiving.

Top 11 #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Posts

This hilarious Twitter meme is giving us our whole entire lives right now.

Eric Garner's Daughter Has a Message for Shoppers This Thanksgiving

A coalition of artists and activists is calling for a boycott this Friday. Here’s why.

Colorlines Exclusive: A Race Forward Holiday Mixtape

A Race Forward mixtape just in time for Thanksgiving

Chelsea Manning is Thankful for Malcolm X, MLK Jr., and Harvey Milk

The former army private is reluctant to celebrate Thanksgiving because she believes its origins lie in the slaughter against the Pequot.

Recipes for a New Kind of Thanksgiving

In an increasingly mulitcultural and multiracial U.S., chefs offer recipes to create new Thanksgiving traditions.

Five Books that Reframe the Thanksgiving Narrative

These children’s books, authored by Native writers, help set the record straight.

All in the Family: A Thanksgiving Comic Strip

Love doesn’t always come easy, but somehow we find our way.

'New Yorker' Magazine Cover Depicts Pilgrims Fleeing Across U.S. Border

Cartoonist Christoph Niemann wanted to offer historical perspective to today’s immigration debate.

Food Justice Wins We Can Be Thankful for This Year

Now’s a good time to show some gratitude to the country’s food workers.

5 Ways to Face Race at the Thanksgiving Table—and Not Choke [Colorlines Classic]

That awkward moment when your uncle pipes up with a racist rant at holiday dinner doesn’t have to be so hard. Here’s how to take control of the conversation and make it productive, without ruining everybody’s appetite.

Justice and Community are Inseparable Ideas

A great reminder from a ColorLines reader.

Giving Thanks for Racial Justice Victories. Yes, We've Got Some!

Tammy Johnson remembers there are reasons to celebrate, too.

Another Dismal Record: 50 Million Went Hungry in 2009

Food stamps helped significantly, but Congress is busy cutting funding for them.