Tef Poe

Tef Poe on Why He's Taking Aim at 'White Privilege II' With 'Message to Macklemore'

“Me making a record like this doesn’t help my iTunes sales. It doesn’t help me clear up accusations that I’m some type of psychotic, cop-killing rapper. … It’s going to be a bunch of complicated conversations that I can’t walk away from.” 


ICYMI: Talib Kweli Asks 'What Side Are You On' with New Single

Kweli and company ask the tough questions about justice and complacency in the first single from his upcoming album. 

Michael Brown, One Year Later

The current movement to end racialized police and extrajudicial violence is made up of thousands of people and actions that don’t make the front page or the evening broadcast. One year after officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, two key organizers from the St. Louis area share what they think about this political moment. 

Ferguson's Tef Poe Drops a Powerful 'War Cry' [AUDIO]

In a NSFW new song, the St. Louis native blasts Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.