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These Tax Calculators Break Down How You'll Fare If Trump Gets His Way

Also: What’s next for the tax reform bill?

Man holds packet of papers

New Report Says Senate Tax Reform Bill Will Hurt Poorest Americans

Meanwhile, corporations and high-earners will see a tax break.

A Tax Bonus for Black and Latino Men?

The Earned Income Tax Credit, one of our most successful anti-poverty programs, is up for expansion. That’s a good thing for black and brown men working low-wage jobs.

How Some Tax Preparers Feed on the Working Poor

By siphoning off hundreds of dollars in fees from some of the nation’s neediest taxpayers, the $100 billion tax preparation industry can diminish the economic lifeline that tax refunds have come to be for millions of America’s struggling families.

We're Tumbling Over an Inequity Cliff

This week’s fiscal cliff deal codifies the absurd notion that the super rich and the working poor are the same. In so doing, it prevents us from really fixing our racial caste system.

Never Mind the Fiscal Cliff, the 'Reverse Subsidy' Is the Real Crisis

Imara Jones argues that the core problem with how government taxes and spends is that the poor are actually the ones subsidizing the rich.

How Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan Can Close the Huge Racial Wealth Gap

Neither party’s proposal for avoiding the “fiscal cliff” will truly deal with the inequity our tax policy built over the past 30 years. It’s time to listen to the independent senator from Vermont.

On Race and Taxes, Both Parties Insist Upon Speaking No Evil

The debate over taxes is and has always been a proxy for one about racial inequity. And we’ve never been able to admit it.

Politics Aside, There's No Debating the Scary Facts of Romney's Tax Policy

Pundits are applauding Romney’s performance in a deeply technical debate. But he revealed a troubling misunderstanding–or misrepresentation–of tax and health policies that keep the country afloat.

Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty in Income Tax Case, Could Face Prison Time

Eight-time Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty Friday to not paying federal taxes on more than $1.5 million earned over three years.